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The 2-ID-D/E beamline encompasses three hard x-ray microprobes for x-ray fluorescence mapping, fluorescence spectroscopy, and microdiffraction.   Station 2-ID-D contains an x-ray fluorescence and a micro-diffraction microprobe, which operate exclusively.  Station 2-ID-E is an x-ray fluorescence microprobe in a side-branch geometry, which operates in parallel to either 2-ID-D instrument.


At 2-ID-E, we use Fresnel zones plates to achieve high spatial resolution. We have two different optics available, to allow one to trade spatial resolution vs. increased flux. Most of our experiments study trace element distributions in biological samples, usually whole cells or tissue sections. Usually these experiments are collaborations with General Users. For example, in collaboration with G. Woloschak et al, we have looked at TiO2-DNA nanocomposites in mammalian cells [1]; B. Twining et al investigate trace elements (in particular Fe) in plankton [2].



Beamline Scientists:

Stefan Vogt - ph: 630.252.3071 ; email:

Lydia Finney - ph: 630.252.0886 ; email:




Beamline and source parameters

  • Source: 5.5 cm period undulator or shared with D station 3.3 cm undulator A
  • Monochromator:
    • beamsplitting Si<111> 7  keV – 10.5 keV, (21-30 keV using Si<333>)
    • beamsplitting Si<220> 11.5 - 17 keV
  • Flux & spatial resolution:
    • 0.3 x 0.25µm2 beam spot @ 10keV: 1 x 109 ph/s
    • 0.5 x 0.4 µm2 beam spot@ 10keV: 5 x 109 ph/s


  • Scanning X-ray Microscope
  • Offline high resolution visible light microscope (Leica DMXRE) with digital stages and optical fluorescence


[1] T. Paunesku, T. Rajh, G. Wiederrecht, J. Maser, S. Vogt, N. Stojićević, M. Protić, B. Lai, J. Oryhon, M. Thurnauer, and G. Woloschak; "Biology of TiO2 –oligonucleotide nanocomposites", Nature Materials 2, 343-346, 2003 .

[2] B. Twining, S. Baines, N. Fisher, J. Maser, S. Vogt, C. Jacobsen, A. Tovar-Sanchez, S. Sanudo-Wilhelmy; “Quantifying Trace Elements in Individual Aquatic Protist Cells with a Synchrotron X-ray Fluorescence Microprobe”, Analytical Chemistry 2003, 75, 3806-3816

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