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X-ray Microscopy and Imaging Group: Beamlines

The X-ray Micrscopy and Imaging Group operates several beamlines and facilities.

The bending magnet beamline (2-BM) entertaines 2 general user programs in a roughly 50/50 split: micro-tomography and diffraction microscopy.

The 2-ID beamline is actually split into three different beamlines. One of these is the intermediate energy beamline 2-ID-B which operates in the energy range of 1-4 keV, with a wide spectrum of general user programs, ranging from materials sciences to the environmental sciences, and from coherent scattering techniques to fluorescence mapping. Typically about 40% of the available beamtime per run is allocated to 2-ID-B.

The beamlines 2-ID-D and 2-ID-E are hard X-ray microprobes (6-30keV) that run simultaneously, though exclusively of -B. 2-ID-D has 2 general user programs, one specialising in micro- and nanodiffraction, the other in fluorescence mapping and micro-XANES. 2-ID-E is a dedicated side-branch beamline that runs primarily a general user program in (trace) elemental mapping of biological specimen.

32ID beamline entertains 4 different techniques: High speed imaging, Phase contrast imaging, Transmission X-ray microscopy and USAXS Imaging. The beamline has 2 experimental stations, one at about 40 m and another at 70 m from the source (APS Undulator A). Both stations are monochromatic- and white-beam compatible.

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