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X-ray Microscopy and Imaging: Frequently Asked Questions

How to get beamtime ?

80% and more of our beamtime is awarded to General Users through the General User Proposal system. So, in order to receive beamtime for an experiment you have in mind, you would have to complete a short proposal form (specific instructions as to deadlines, etc), which can be found following this link. We are well oversubscribed, so prospective users may not get beamtime the first time they apply, but as proposals age, the score increases. Often, it is helpful for 'new' users to contact beamline staff first before submitting, so that potential pitfalls in experiments are avoided. For that purpose, you may wish to browse our webpages, and see who does what kind of science and applications, and directly email the person you think is most likely appropriate. When in doubt, you can also always send an email to Qun Shen, who then will make sure it reaches the appropriate people.



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