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The SXSTM V2 system was designed for flexible use at multiple synchrotron beamlines at the Advanced Photon Source. Experiments can also be conducted offline (without x-ray beam) in the laboratory (top image). The system operates in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) at a base pressure better than 1×10-10 mbar achieved by a combination of turbomolecular, ion getter, titanium sublimation, and cryopumps. Facilities for in situ sample cleaning and preparation are available.

Experiments with soft x-rays (photon energies between 500 eV and 3000 eV) can be carried out at beamline 4-ID-C (center image). Here, the SXSTM V2 system is directly connected to the x-ray flight pass using vacuum bellows in order to minimize the transfer of vibrations from the beamline. The vacuum chamber can be aligned to the synchrotron beam by means of stepper motors that are attached to the support table.

If hard x-rays are desired (photon energies from 3 to 30 keV) the system is operated at sector 26 (bottom image). One of the advantages of experiments with hard x-rays is that the system can be physically disconnected from the beamline. Hard x-rays can travel short distances through air without substantial absorption. A specialized thin beryllium window is used as inlet port for the x-ray beam. The beryllium window, which is transparent for hard x-rays, permits operation of the microscope system at UHV.

Currently, a new system with enhanced capabilities is in the conceptual design phase.

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