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A new microscope with enhanced capabilities: SXSTM V2

A new in-situ synchrotron x-ray scanning tunneling microscope (SXSTM) system has been successfully commissioned at the Advanced Photon Source. The system is designed to allow monochromatic synchrotron radiation to enter an ultra-high vacuum chamber, illuminating the sample with x-ray radiation, while an insulator-coated tip is scanned over the surface. A unique feature of the SXSTM is the microscope mount assembly, designed with a two free-flex pivot, providing an angular degree of freedom for the alignment of the tip and sample with respect to the incoming x-ray beam. The system successfully demonstrates the ability to resolve atomic-scale corrugations. In addition, experiments with synchrotron x-ray radiation validate the SXSTM system as an accurate analysis technique for the study of local magnetic and chemical properties on sample surfaces. The SXSTM system’s capabilities have the potential to broaden and deepen the general understanding of surface phenomena by adding elemental contrast to the high resolution of scanning probe microscopy.

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