Xiaoyi Zhang

Argonne National Laboratory
9700 S. Cass Ave
Argonne, Il 60439

Phone: 630-252-0366

Fax: 630-252-0365

E-Mail: xyzhang@aps.anl.gov


  • 2012 – present, Physicist, X-Ray Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
  • 2007 – 2012, Assistant Physicist, X-Ray Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
  • 2005 – 2007, Postdoctoral Researcher, X-Ray Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
  • 2003 – 2005, Guest Researcher, Physics Laboratory, National Institute of Standards Technology
  • 1999 – 2003, Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Maryland

Research Interests & Expertise:

  • Understanding the kinetics and ultrafast dynamics of charge-transfer processes using time-resolved optical spectroscopy and X-ray spectroscopy.
  • Investigating the structural dynamics of energy materials.

Skills: X-ray instrumentation; X-ray spectroscopy; X-ray scattering and diffraction, Varies pump-probe time-resolved X-ray techniques, Ultrafast laser spectroscopy; optical parametric amplifier; photon counting electronics, Atomic force microscopy; confocal scanning microscopy, Chemical surface modification; surface tension measurements, Biomolecules surface immobilization, Nanoparticle synthesis, Semi-empirical molecular structure computational methods.

Selected Publications:

Rajeev S. Assary, Jun Lu, Peng Du, Xiangyi Luo , Xiaoyi Zhang, Yang Ren, Larry A. Curtiss, Khalil Amine
The Effect of Oxygen Crossover on the Anode of a Li–O2 Battery using an Ether-Based Solvent: Insights from Experimental and Computational Studies
ChemSusChem 6 (1), 51-55 (2013). DOI: 10.1002/cssc.201200810

Elisa Borfecchia, Claudio Garino, Luca Salassa, Tiziana Ruiu, Diego Gianolio, Xiaoyi Zhang, Klaus Attenkofer, Lin X. Chen, Roberto Gobetto, Peter J. Salder, Carlo Lamberti
X-ray transient absorption structural characterization of the 3MLCT triplet excited state of cis-[Ru(bpy)2(py)2]2+]
Dalton T. 42, 6564-6571 (2013). DOI: 10.1039/C3DT32865A

Canton, S. E.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, J et al.
Toward Highlighting the Ultrafast Electron Transfer Dynamics at the Optically Dark Sites of Photocatalysts
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 4, 1972-1976 (2013)

Zhou, C; Fang, Z.; Lu, J; Zhang, X. 
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Destabilization of Magnesium Hydride Using MgIn Solid Solution Alloys
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135 (30), 10982-10985 (2013)

Gilbert, B.;  Katz, J. E.;   Huse, N.;   Zhang, X.;  Frandsen, C.;   Falcone, R. W.; and Waychunasa,G. A. 
Ultrafast electron and energy transfer in dye-sensitized iron oxide and oxyhydroxide nanoparticles
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2013,15, 17303-17313

Smolentsev, G.; Guda, A.; Zhang, X.; Haldrup, K.; Andreiadis, E. S.; Chavarot-Kerlidou, M.; Canton, S. E.; Nachtegaal, M.; Artero, V.; Sundstrom, V.,
Detailed Transient Heme Structures of Mb-CO in Solution after CO Dissociation: An X-ray Transient Absorption Spectroscopic Study
J. Phys. Chem. C  117, 17367 (2013)

Harpham, M. R.; Stickrath, A. B.; Zhang, X.; Huang, J.; Mara, M. W.; Chen, L. X.; Liu, D. J.
Photodissociation Structural Dynamics of TrirutheniumDodecacarbonyl Investigated by X-ray Transient Absorption Spectroscopy
J. Phys. Chem. C  117, 9807 (2013)

Assary, R. S.; Lu, J.; Luo, X.; Zhang, X.; Ren Y.; Curtiss L. A. and Amine K.
The Effect of Oxygen Crossover on the Anode of a Li–O2 Battery using an Ether-Based Solvent: Insights from Experimental and Computational Studies
ChemSusChem, 6 (1), 51-55 (2013)

Katz, J. E.; Zhang, X.; Attenkofer, K.; Chapman, K.; Zarzycki, P.; Rosso, K. M.; Falcone, R. W.; Waychunas G. A.; Gilbert, B. 
Electron Small Polarons and Their Mobility in Iron (Oxyhydr)oxide Nanoparticles
Science 337, 1200-1203 (2012)

Ji, Z.; Natu, G.; Huang, Z.; Zhang, X.; Wu, Y.
Synthesis, photophysics and photovoltaic studies of ruthenium cyclometalated complexes as sensitizers for p-type NiO dye-sensitized solar cells
J. Phys. Chem. C 116 (32), 16854-16863 (2012)

Zhang, X; Smolentsev, G.; Guo, J. C.; Attenkofer, K.; Kurtz, C.; Jennings, G.; Lockard, J. V.; Stickrath, A. B.; Chen, L. X.
Visualizing interfacial charger transfer in Ru-dye-sensitized nanoparticles using X-ray transient absorption spectroscopy
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2011, 2,628 – 632

Chen, L. X.; Zhang, X.; Wasinger, E. C.; Lockard, J. V.; Stickrath, A. B.; Mara, M. W.; Attenkofer, K.; Jennings, G.; Smolentsev, G.; Soldatov, A.
X-ray Snapshots for Metallopoprhyrin Axial Ligation
Chem. Sci.. 2010, 1, 642-650

Katz, J. E.; Gilbert, B.; Zhang, X.; Attenkofer, K.; Falcone, R. W.; Waychunas, G. A.
Observation of Transient Iron(II) Formation in Dye-Sensitized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles by Time-Resolved X-ray Spectroscopy
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2010, 1, 1372-1376

Chen, L. X.; Zhang, X.; Lockard, J. V.; Stickrath, A. B.; Attenkofer, K.; Jennings, G.; Liu, D. J.
Excited-state molecular structures captured by X-ray transient absorption spectroscopy: a decade and beyond
Acta Crystallogr. Sect. A 2010, 66, 240-251

Zhang, X.; Wasinger, E. C.; Muresan, A. Z.; Attenkofer, K.; Jennings, G.; Lindsey, J. S.; Chen, L. X.
Excited-state relaxation pathway and structural dynamics of nickel meso-tetrasubstituted porphyrins
J. Phys. Chem. A.2007, 111, 11736-11742

Chen, L. X.; Zhang, X.; Wasinger, E. C.; Attenkofer, K.; Jennings, G.; Muresan, A. Z.; Lindsey, J. S.
Tracking Electrons and Atoms in a Photoexcited Metalloporphyrin
J. Am. Sci. Soc. 2007, 129(31), 9616-9618

Zhang, X.; Steel, W. H.; Walker, R. A.
Probing Solvent Polarity Across Strongly Associating Solid/Liquid Interfaces Using Molecular Rulers
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Zhang, X.; Cunningham, M.; Walker, R. A.
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Zhang, X.; Esenturk, O.; Walker, R.A.
Reduced Polarity in Protic Solvents Near Hydrophobic Solid Surfaces
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Zhang, X.; Walker, R. A.
Discrete Partitioning of Solvent Permittivity at Liquid-Solid Interfaces
Langmuir, 2001, 17, 4486-4489