HPCAT Workshop on Advances in Matter under Extreme Conditions

October 10-12, 2012, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL USA

This HPCAT workshop will highlight the benchmark of the 10th year of operation of HPCAT and discuss the recent advances in high-pressure synchrotron techniques and in extreme conditions science. Looking forward, the workshop will also identify both scientific and technical challenges and research directions in the next decade through discussions in the breakout panels. The objectives of the HPCAT workshop are (1) to articulate the foremost scientific challenges in the field of extreme conditions science; (2) identify the science and technology gaps to address these challenges; and (3) define research directions in the area of high-pressure synchrotron science to advance the exploration of matter under extreme conditions. 

Breakout Sessions

  • Structure, bonding and thermodynamic properties reaching 0.5 TPa and beyond
    Chairs:  Tom Duffy and Stanimir Bonev
  • Time-dependent transformations and off-Hugoniot processes
    Chairs: Will Evans and Shengnian Luo
  • New materials discovery and applications
    Chairs: Jonathan Crowhurst and John Tse
  • Novel states of matter and new chemistry
    Chairs: Dana Dattelbaum and Andrew Cornelius
  • Mechanical and transport properties of materials: strength, failure, rheology, transport properties
    Chairs: Yusheng Zhao and Rudy Wenk
  • Liquids and amorphous materials
    Chairs: Chris Benmore and Howard Sheng
  • Advanced technologies and instrumentation
    Chairs: Chi-chang Kao and Stanislav Sinogeikin 

Confirmed Speakers

Joseph Bradley (Lawrence Livermore National Lab), Brent Fultz (Caltech), Eugene Gregoryanz (U Edinburgh), Yogi Gupta (Washington State U), Russel Hemley (Carnegie Inst. Washington), Dan Hooks (Los Alamos National Lab), Dave Mao (Carnegie Inst. Washington), Maddury Somayazulu (Carnegie Inst. Washington), Per Söderlind (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)

Workshop Organizing Committee 

Thomas Duffy (Princeton U), David Funk (Los Alamos National Lab), Chi-chang Kao (Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource), Christian Mailhiot (Lawrence Livermore National Lab), Guoyin Shen (Carnegie Inst. Washington), Choong-shik Yoo (Washington State U)

Important dates

Registration Deadline: September 21, 2012
Abstract Submission Deadline: September 28, 2012

Poster Information

Poster participation is strongly encouraged. You can upload your poster abstract via the external registration form at the time you register.

Workshop contact

Tel: 630 252 0479