Argonne National Laboratory User Facility Training

Welcome to the web site for Argonne User Facility Training. Your training administrator will provide you with the list of the courses you're required to take, as well as your domain account username and temporary password. (If you do not have the domain account username and password, ask your training administrator for assistance.) When you have this information, click on the link below called ANL Credentials. On this Web site, you can change your temporary password to a permanent one you can remember. When you have completed this task, you can take each of your required courses by clicking on the link for that course and entering your domain account username and permanent password.

ANL Credentials

ESH 100U -- Argonne National Laboratory User Facility Orientation (one time course)

APS 101 -- Advanced Photon Source User Orientation (5 year retraining)

CNM 101 -- Center for Nanoscale Materials User Orientation (2 year retraining)

GERT -- General Employee Radiation Training (2 year retraining)

ESH 223 -- Cybersecurity (1 year retraining)

ESH 377 -- Electrical Safety Awareness Training (2 year retraining)

ESH 120 -- Laser Safety Training

Building Orientation

ESH 456RF--Chemical Waste Certification Refresher

ESH 574RF--Chemical Waste Generator Refresher

ESH705--Analytical X-ray

APS Beamline Shielding Controls

Contractor Safety Training

Remote Training