Scientific Interest Groups

Self-organizing groups that offer forums for discussion among users and beamline staff who are interested in advancing synchrotron research in a particular area.

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  • Catalysis
    Randall Winans, APS
    The Catalysis group meets at noon on the second Tuesday of each month in the LOM 433 conference room.
  • High Pressure
    Wenge Yang, HPSynC
    The High-Pressure group promotes awareness of the high-pressure research activities and associated facilities at the APS and elsewhere. The group meets monthly on one Thursday at 3:00 pm in the LOM 434 conference room.
  • Liquid and Soft-Matter Surface Scattering
    Ivan Kuzmenko, APS
    Binhua Lin
    , University of Chicago
    The Liquid and Soft-Matter Surface Scattering group promotes awareness of the facilities for this research at the APS and elsewhere. The group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 12:00 pm in the LOM 434 conference room. A schedule is provided on the group's web site.
  • Powder Diffraction
    Brian Toby, APS
    This group is currently inactive, but it will resume meeting monthly in the future.
  • Small Angle Scattering
    Pete Jemian, APS
    This group meets monthly (first Tuesday at noon, LOM 438 conference room) and maintains a email distribution list to promote awareness of the small-angle scattering facilities at the APS, Intense Pulsed Neutron Source, and elsewhere on the Argonne campus and to foster communications among the various research groups.
  • Surface & Interface Scattering
    Zhan Zhang, APS
    The Surface & Interface Scattering Group meets monthly to promote awareness of surface and interface scattering science and facilities at the APS. This focus group meets for lunch on the third Tuesday of each month in the LOM 438 conference room. All interested parties are welcome to attend.
  • Tomography
    Robert Winarski, CNM
    Francesco De Carlo
    , APS

    The microtomography special interest group has been created to promote awareness of the microtomography facilities at the APS and to foster communications between the various research groups. Through this group, we believe we can build a strong user community for microtomography at the APS. The web site includes a list of microtomography beamlines.
  • Ultrafast
    Anthony DiChiara and Xiaoyi Zhang, APS
    This group is organized on the theme of "Science and techniques that use the pulsed structure of the APS to study time-resolved phenomenon from a few picoseconds to microseconds." The group meets once a month on the third Thursday of the month from noon to 1h15, in the 432C conference room.
  • XAFS
    Robert Gordon, APS
    The XAFS group meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month (LOM 435) to discuss x-ray absorption fine-structure and related spectroscopies. The lunch-time meetings feature talks on recent scientific results as well as discussion on advances in technique, analysis, education and instrumentation. To receive announcements, please subscribe to the Mailing List on
  • X-ray Microscopy
    Stefan Vogt, APS
    Weekly presentations are held every other Tuesday, at 11:00 a.m, in LOM 431, Room C010. The topics of these presentations cover research and developments in all areas of x-ray microscopy and imaging, including methodology, and new developments in the literature. All interested are welcome to attend.

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