General Users

The APS makes beamtime available to the international scientific community through the General User Program. Proposals are submitted, reviewed, and allocated time through a centralized, Web-based process. Requests are typically considered three times a year (roughly in March, July, and October), prior to each APS run cycle. Options are also available for access on short notice. Proposals are peer-reviewed and rated, and beam time is allocated on the basis of these reviews by one of two Beam Time Allocation Committees. Once time has been allocated, the beamline staff schedule the proposals. For details, see the User Policies and Procedures page.

Tips & Instructions

Proposal System

  • Proposal System Login
    Link to the Beam Time Access System: create, edit, and view proposals, request additional time on existing proposals.
  • Calendars
    Proposal submission deadlines, run start and end dates, dates of review and allocation meetings.
  • Instructions
    Instructions for using the online proposal system, with tips and troubleshooting advice.
  • Blank Proposal Forms
    Two samples, one for macromolecular crystallography (second sample) and one for all other science.

Review & Allocation