For New Users: How to Become an APS User

New User Checklist

APS user at work For more detailed instructions, go to Become a User.
  1. Register with the APS User Office to receive a badge number.
  2. Submit a proposal.
  3. Establish a legal agreement, if one is not already in place (required for all users).
  4. Establish a user account, if one is needed, by setting up a purchase order to pay for supplies and services or for proprietary beam time.

    When you are awarded beamtime...
  5. Arrange for delivery of samples/materials prior to your arrival.
  6. Complete Experiment Safety Assessment Form (ESAF) for your experiment.
  7. Complete all training.
  8. Notify APS of your arrival by using the Check-in tab in the User Portal.
Additional steps may be required if you will access the APS through a Collaborative Access Team (CAT) or Partner User group. If so, contact that organization for additional information specific to its facilities.