Tackling Our Energy Challenges in a New Era of Science: The Role of Scientific User Facilities
Harriet Kung, Associate Director of Science for Basic Energy Sciences, DOE

U.S. Government Policies Affecting International Scientific Cooperation
Amy Flatten, Director of International Affairs, American Physical Society

The APS and Synchrotron Facilities in the US and Worldwide: A Network Perspective
Murray Gibson, Associate Laboratory Director for Photon Sciences and Director, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory

How Does NUFO Fit into the National Science Agenda?
Rene Bellwied, CoChair NUFO

Expectations for Users and User Facilities
Brant Johnson, CoChair, NUFO

The Role of National User Facilities in Supporting Academic Research and Future Workforce Development
Katherine Kantardjieff, Co-Chair SNUG

National User Groups for International User Facilities and NUFO
Harvey Newman, Chair, User Group for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

NUFO Web Site: Resources for Users
Susan White-DePace, Co-Coordinator, NUFO

A Fifteen-Year Science Policy Lesson: The Voices of Industry and Medicine Matter Most in Washington
Mike Lubell, Director of Public Affairs, American Physical Society and CCNY Professor of Physics

Lobbying for American Innovation
John Palafoutas, Task Force on the Future of American Innovation

Interactions with Industry: DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Perspective
Gurpreet Singh, Team Leader, EERE Vehicle Program Office

Industrial Users at ORNL's High Temperature Materials Laboratory (HTML)
E. Andrew Payzant, Senior R&D Staff Member, HTML, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Use of National Facilities in Technology Development for Energy and Transportation
Ernest Hall, Chief Scientist, GE Global Research

LRL-CAT: A Company's Experience at the APS
Steve Wasserman, Head, Discovery Chemistry, Lilly Research Laboratories

Industrial Research at National User Facilities: A DuPont Perspective
Michael Crawford, DuPont

Creatv MicroTech, Inc.: Ten Years of Collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory
Olga Makarova, Creatv MicroTech, Inc.

IMCA-CAT: A production facility for diffraction data
Chip Lesburg, Schering-Plough, past Chairman of IMCA

Fuel-Spray Research at the APS: A User and Facility Perspective
Jin Wang, Argonne National Laboratory

Partnering for the Future: The SEMATECH-National User Facility Story
Patrick Lysaght, SEMATECH

Nanophotonics and Sensor Development for DoD Applications at the ORNL CNMS
Milan Buncick, AEgis, Technologies

Master User Agreements: What they are, and how they are being implemented throughout the DOE complex
Mark Langguth, Sr. Attorney, Intellectual Property, Argonne National Laboratory

Co-operation Among User Facilities at a Single National Laboratory: The Argonne Experience
Doug Sisterson, Operations Manager, ACRF

What keeps us awake at night?
Judy Trimble, Co-Coordinator, NUFO