Workshop on Time-resolved and Laue X-ray Crystallography

Saturday, May 6 -- Monday, May 8

BioCARS, The University of Chicago, Chicago, USA

Dixie Franklin
Reinhard Pahl (

The aim of this workshop is to present the current capabilities, applications and future prospects of this technique to the biology and also chemistry communities. This workshop will bring together experts from the various fields to discuss experimental details, data analysis methods as well as scientific applications and will also offer a hands-on demonstration of Laue data processing.

BioCARS is presently upgrading its time-resolved facility with new x-ray optics and advanced laser systems; operation is expected to resume with monochromatic and Laue experiments during the APS Run 2006-2/3. This workshop is intended to stimulate the interest in time-resolved phenomena and expand the user community in this field.