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Workshop 4—Engineering Materials

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 (morning)
Bldg. 402, Rm. E1200

Organizers: Matt Miller (Cornell U.), Bob Suter (Carnegie Mellon U.), and Jon Almer (APS)

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A new generation of synchrotron-based characterization tools for structural (load bearing) materials are currently being developed around the world. The attributes of synchrotron x-rays (high flux, small beam size, high energy, etc.) are being widely exploited to change the very nature of engineering material characterization experiments including the way experimental data are being utilized within material performance models. This workshop will have presentations focused on methods, including high-energy diffraction microscopy, polychromatic microbeam scans, tomography, and combinations of techniques; on applications, including non-destructive grain map reconstruction, in situ environments (loading, temperature, irradiation, etc.) to study material evolution, and residual stress measurements; on modeling, including virtual sample construction, elastic-plastic deformation, phase transformations, forward projections; and on facilities at APS sector 1, CHESS, ESRF, and Petra-III.


8:45 Matt Miller and Bob Suter
Welcome & Introductory Remarks
9:00 Peter Voorhees (Northwestern University)
3-D X-ray Diffraction Contrast Tomography of Grains and Grain Growth (abstract)
9:40 Armand Beaudoin (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
In Situ Assessment of Lattice Strain in Al–Li Alloys (abstract)
10:20 Break
10:50 Jacob Ruff (CHESS, Cornell University)
Prospects for "Magnetic Loading" with the APS Pulsed Magnets (abstract)
11:30 Jun-Sang Park (APS, Argonne National Laboratory)
Understanding the State of Polycrystalline Structural Alloys and Components Using High-energy Synchrotron X-rays (abstract)
12:15 Adjourn

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