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Workshop 3—Ultrafast Dynamics in Strongly Correlated Materials, Atoms, Molecules, and Clusters

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 (all day)
Bldg. 401, A1100

Organizers: Yuelin Li, David Keavney, Philip Ryan, and Steve Southworth (APS)

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Strongly correlated phenomena occur in many material systems. In solids, these are a wide class of electronic materials that show unusual coupling between electronic, structural, and magnetic degrees of freedom. They display interesting and technologically useful behaviors including superconductivity, photostriction, magnetostriction, magnetoresistance, and electromagnetic coupling. Correlated dynamics are also widely observed in chemical reactions and in atomic, molecular and optical systems. Pump-probe experiments provide unique opportunities to understand the origin and the dynamics of these phenomena at time scales that are intrinsic to the physics and relevant to their technical applications. In addition, selective excitation of the different degrees of freedom makes it possible to create states that are not accessible under conventional, adiabatic manipulation. The Advanced Photon Source is planning a major upgrade that will provide picosecond x-ray pulses, coupled with a wide array of laser pump energy and x-ray probing capabilities, including spectroscopy, scattering, and imaging. It is the goal of this workshop to bring together experts in sample growth and time-resolved experiments to discuss new scientific opportunities that this new x-ray facility will enable.


8:30 Opening remarks
8:35 Eric Dufresne (APS, Argonne National Laboratory)
The APS-U Short-Pulse X-ray Beamline Facilities (abstract)
8:55 Anne Marie March (APS, Argonne National Laboratory)
Capturing Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics with High-Repetition-Rate Laser-Pump, X-ray-
Probe Techniques
9:15 Paul Evans (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
Dynamics of Domains, Polarization, and Atomic-scale Distortion in Complex Oxide Superlattices (abstract)
9:50 Aaron Lindenberg (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
Light-induced Processes in Ferroelectrics (abstract)
10:25 Break
10:50 Christoph Bostedt (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
Clusters in Intense X-ray Pulses (abstract)
11:25 Chris Milne (Swiss-FEL, Paul Scherrer Institut)
High-repetition-rate Ultrafast Time-resolved XAS and XES: Investigating Chemical Dynamics (abstract)
12:00 Discussion
12:10 Lunch
1:30 Michael Först (University of Hamburg)
X-ray Probing of Ultrafast Lattice-driven Dynamics in Complex Oxides (abstract)
2:05 Wei-Sheng Lee (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
Photo-induced Dynamics of Strongly Coupled Charge and Spin Order Parameters (abstract)
2:40 Urs Staub (Paul Scherrer Institut)
Ultrafast Electronic and Structural Changes in Photo-excited Manganites (abstract)
3:15 Break
3:40 Richard D. Averitt (Boston University)
Nonequilibrium Dynamics in Transition Metal Oxides (abstract)
4:15 Adrian Cavalieri (University of Hamburg and CFEL)
Ultrafast Capability at Accelerator-based X-ray Sources
4:50 Discussion
5:20 Adjourn

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