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Satellite Workshop 12—Workshop on Next-Generation Fast Orbit Feedback Systems for Storage Rings

Thursday, May 9, 2013 (all day)
Guest House, Conf. Rm. A

Organizers: Glenn Decker (APS) and Om Singh (NSLS-II)

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With the advent of modern field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), orbit control system capabilities at synchrotron light sources can be pushed beyond their present performance limits to provide a level of enhanced beam stability never before achieved with such systems. In addition to increasing system update rates to the range of 10 to 20 kHz, fast data networking protocols allow interfaces to diverse sets of diagnostics and actuators. This includes not only standard rf beam position monitor (BPM) inputs, but in addition x-ray BPMs, beam size and tilt monitors. Outputs to fast steering correctors, low-level rf phase and amplitude controls, and fast focussing magnets are similarly possible. Implementation of feedforward systems for conventional hybrid insertion devices, electromagnetic devices with switchable polarity, APPLE-II devices and others have become critical to modern light source performance and could be significantly enhanced by modern FPGA components.

The objectives of the workshop are two-fold, including feedback system theory and simulation on the one hand, and modern fpga capability and implementation on the other. Bringing together the accelerator physicists with experts in FPGA technology is expected to benefit both fields significantly. The two conspicuous new initiatives on the horizon are NSLS-II at Brookhaven and the APS upgrade at Argonne. The collective wisdom of those responsible for presently operating light sources is sought to guide the design of new systems and upgrades and to identify potential pitfalls.


8:30 Glenn Decker (APS, Argonne National Laboratory)
Welcome (presentation external link)
8:45 Till Straumann (SSRL)
Design, Commissioning, and Operational Experience with the SPEAR-3 Orbit Feedback Systems (presentation external link)
9:45 Open Forum
Open to workshop participants; 3 viewgraph limit
10:15 Break
10:30 Yuke Tian (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
NSLS-II Feedback System Design, Implementation, and Algorithms (presentation external link)
11:30 Om Singh (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Overview of Operational Fast Orbit Feedback Systems around the World (presentation external link)
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Glenn Decker (APS, Argonne National Laboratory)
Design Process for the Advanced Photon Source Fast Orbit Feedback System Upgrade (presentation external link)
2:00 Guided Discussion
Enumeration of questions to be addressed by a feedback simulator to inform feedback system design
2:30 Open Discussion
3:30 John Carwardine (APS, Argonne National Laboratory)
Global Orbit Feedback Using Correctors of Different Bandwidths (presentation external link)
4:30 Open Discussion
5:00 Adjourn

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