X-rays in the Fourth Dimension
May 5 & 6, 2012
Park Hyatt, Chicago
Salons A & B

Saturday, May 5
7:30 am Continental Breakfast  
8:40WelcomeG. Brian Stephenson/Eric Isaacs
8:45Introduction & GoalsLinda Young
Atomic-scale dynamics in complex systems Paul Evans (Chair)
9:00 What could time-­‐resolved X-­‐ray experiments tell us about the physics of quantum materials and devices? Gabe Aeppli
9:30 Probing ultrafast dynamics in nanoscale materials by optical experiments Tony Heinz
10:00 Quasiparticle dynamics in heavy electron systems Toni Taylor
10:30 Break  
11:00 Surface Femtochemistry: Imaging the electronic and nuclear dynamics
in surface photodesorption on the femto/Angstrom scale by time-resolved
multiphoton photoelectron mapping
Hrvoje Petek
11:30 Photocontrolled processes in atoms & molecules Robin Santra
12:00 Emerging opportunities for time domain x-ray experiments
(Lunch will be provided)
Time-resolved studies at x-ray facilities: capabilities & examples G. B. Stephenson (Chair)
1:30 SLAC: SSRL/LCLS Chi-Chiang Kao/Uwe Bergmann
2:00 ESRF Harald Reichert
2:30 First coherent radiation from the FERMI@Elettra Free electron laser:
Status report and plan for the first experiments
Fulvio Parmigiani
3:00 Swiss Light Source/SwissFEL Rafael Abela
3:30 Break/Group Photo  
4:00 DESY: PETRA/XFEL/FLASH Edgar Weckert
4:30 Next Generation Light Source: Technical Overview and Science Drivers Bob Schoenlein
5:00 Advanced Photon Source Timing Experiments: Past, Present, Future Linda Young
5:30 SPring-8/SACLA Tetsuya Ishikawa
8:30 Poster Session – Highlight on Facilities  
Sunday, May 6
7:30 am Continental Breakfast  
X-ray studies of dynamics in materials Aaron Lindenberg (Chair)
8:15 Introduction Aaron Lindenberg
8:30 Ultrafast dynamics at surfaces Wilfried Wurth
9:00 Femtosecond nonequilibrium structural dynamics: an x-ray view Steve Johnson
9:30 Emerging spin order in ultrafast phase transitions Hermann Durr
10:00 X-ray Nanovision: What Is Coherence Good For? Oleg Shpyrko
10:30 Break  
X-ray studies of dynamics in chemical and biological systems Majed Chergui (Chair)
11:00 Introduction Majed Chergui
11:15 Simultaneous Ultrafast X-ray Spectroscopies and Scattering in Chemical Physics Christian Bressler
11:45 Snapshots of biomolecular motions Keith Moffat
12:15 Phase transitions and molecular dynamics with RIXS Alexander Fohlisch
12:45 Summary of workshop
(Lunch will be provided for invited speakers and summary writers)
2:30 Summary Reports (15 minutes each)
Facility Capabilities & Capacities – Schoenlein/Young
Materials/Condensed Matter – Evans/Lindenberg
Chemistry/AMO/Biology – Chergui/Southworth/Moffat
3:30 Meeting adjourned  
8:30 Bus to Argonne departs from Park Hyatt  

modified 4/30/2012