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2012 APS/CNM/EMC Users Meeting
May 7-10, 2012

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

APS Workshop 4
Functional Biomolecular Interfaces
Organizers: Laurence Lurio (Northern Illinois University) and Mark Schlossman (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Location: Building 402, E1200

Numerous electronic and catalytic processes take place on the molecular scale at interfaces in biological systems. The physical constraints of the interfacial geometry and the multi-molecular chemical interactions available at interfaces act to promote the aggregation of specific biomolecules in response to biological signaling. Subsequent membrane-induced ordering of the aggregated biomolecules results in enhanced biological functionality. High-resolution x-ray scattering probes the molecular organization that underlies such functionality. Lipids, peptides, and proteins form the basic building blocks of functional biomembranes. Model membrane systems studied with x-ray scattering include Langmuir and Gibbs layers at liquid surfaces and interfaces, supported membranes at solid-liquid interfaces, and complex bulk structures such as vesicles in suspension. While early work focused on neat lipid membranes, recent investigations have addressed complex phenomena such as raft formation, lipid-protein binding, and virus-membrane interactions. Membranes are also a dynamic platform for biological activity, continually re-organizing and re-forming themselves for specialized processes. New activities in x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy are starting to probe these dynamics. The goal of the present workshop is to provide an opportunity to present the variety of work on biomolecular interfaces and opportunities for using scattering techniques to determine their static and dynamic structure.

Working Agenda
08:50 -- 09:00

Welcome & Introductory Remarks Laurence Lurio

09:00 -- 09:40

Ka Yee Lee (The University of Chicago)
Pushing the Boundaries of Structural Immunology: Utilizing X-ray Surface Scattering to Explore Lipid Membrane Recognition in Immune Response

09:40 -- 10:20

Liat Rosenfeld (Stanford University)
Molecular Structure of Interfacial Human Meibum Film

10:20 -- 10:40


10:40 -- 11:20

Tonya Kuhl (Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Department of Biomedical Engineering, UC Davis)
Lipid Membranes from the Molecular- to Macro-scale

11:20 -- 12:00

Ting Xu (University of California, Berkeley)
Structural Characterization of Peptide-Polymer Conjugates toward Hybrid Biomolecular Materials

12:00 -- 01:30


01:30 -- 02:10

Masafumi Fukuto (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Lipid-mediated Assembly of Biomolecular Nano Objects at Liquid Interfaces

02:10 -- 02:50

J. K. Blasie (Department of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania)
High-energy X-ray vs. Neutron Reflectivity Probes of Structure and  Dynamics of Single Lipid:Protein Membranes at the Solid:Liquid Interface: A Progress Report

02:50 -- 03:10


03:10 -- 03:50

John F. Nagle (Carnegie Mellon University)
Diffuse X-ray Scattering Provides More and Better Information for Fluctuating, Fully Hydrated Membranes than Traditional Diffraction Methods

03:50 -- 04:30 David Gidalevitz (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Cholesterol Mediates Membrane Curvature during Fusion Events


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