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Users Meeting 2010
May 3-5, 2010

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Full-Day Workshops
  • WK1
    Application of Advanced X-ray Techniques to Industrial Research
    (Organizers: Steve Heald, Dean Haeffner, Jin Wang, Randall Winans, APS)
  • WK2
    Beamline 2.0: The Fully Integrated Instrument
    (Organizers: Lahsen Assoufid, APS; Dean R. Haeffner, APS; Peter J. Eng, University of Chicago; John P. Quintana, APS)
  • WK3
    Linking Structure and Magnetism in Novel Materials: Future Opportunities at an Upgraded APS
    (Organizers: J.W. Freeland, APS; A. Enders (Univ. of Nebraska)

Half-Day Workshops

  • WK4
    Science Opportunities with an X-ray Free Electron Laser Oscillator (morning)
    (Organizers: K.-J. Kim, APS, and Yu. Shvyd’ko, APS)
  • WK5
    Biomolecular Assemblies as Materials Synthesis Templates: From Molecular Fundamentals to Energy and Environmental Sustainability Applications
    (Organizers: Hyunmin Yi, Tufts University, and Qian Wang, Univ. of South Carolina)
  • WK6
    Actinide Research at the APS: Successes and Prospects (afternoon)
    (Organizers: Jim Tobin, LLNL, and Mark Antonio, ANL)
  • WK7
    Are Phase-Contrast and Diffraction Imaging/Microscopy Ready for Biology and Medicine? (afternoon)
    (Organizers: Han Wen, National Institutes of Health, and Christoph Rose-Petruck, Brown University)












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