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Users Week 2009
May 4-6, 2009

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Auxiliary Workshop:
High-Performance Computing at the APS: Status and Future Plans

Organizers: Pete R. Jemian, Brian Tieman (both Advanced Photon Source)

Date: postponed

Room: TBD


Synchrotron science is evolving and facing new challenges. Considering the two overarching scientific themes that emerged from the APS Renewal Workshop in October 2008, "Mastering Hierarchical Structures Through X-ray Imaging" and "Real Materials in Real Conditions in Real Time," there is a demand from the users to process greater quantities of data in shorter times. This increase in data volume and computational resources is placing a burden on scientific groups not only to find the resources to process their data, but to ensure that the most interesting and relevant data is acquired during their short access to the synchrotron facility.

This workshop will investigate the current activities of the APS and other facilities actively trying to apply modern data collection/analysis architectures and identify future plans. We will discuss various aspects of HPC including experimental workflow design capabilities, data movement, security, and virtual machine technology.

An understanding of the application of these topics in synchrotron science is key for scientists who need to collaborate across institutional boundaries and utilize the very best analytical tools available to solve scientific problems in real time.


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