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Users Week 2009
May 4-6, 2009

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User Visions

We want to hear your ideas!
Please tell us your vision for science at the APS!

A constant goal throughout the process of developing a proposal for the APS Renewal has been to discover new scientific and technical opportunities that can be exploited with refurbished and enhanced facilities. An initial plan built on the input of the APS Renewal Workshops will be presented at the 2009 Users Meeting. But this is the beginning, not the end, of the planning process.

To provide a forum for more fluid response to the APS Renewal process, time has been allotted in the meeting schedule for two "User Visions" sessions. We are soliciting short, contributed talks (roughly ten minutes including questions) highlighting new opportunities that would be possible with an enhanced APS. These talks will be presented on Tuesday, May 5 at the APS Users Meeting. An excellent outcome of these short talks would be to identify areas of improvement that are not yet included in the Renewal planning.

Please send titles and a short abstract to Paul Fuoss ( by April 13.



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