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May 4-6, 2009

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Instructions for Poster Submission and Display

The poster session will be held Monday afternoon, May 5, in Bldg. 437 (LOM 437). Check the program for the exact times.

Poster Preparation

Space -- You will be provided with both push pins and Velcro and a poster board space measuring 1.22 meters high x 1.22 meters wide (4 feet high x 4 feet wide).

Use of Symbols and Greek Letters -- Submissions over the Web can sometimes lose formatting. If your abstract contains symbols, Greek letters, or superscripts and subscripts, please provide additional descriptive language separate from the text to ensure that your abstract is formatted properly for inclusion in the program book. A technical editor will check your abstract for these issues. If you are concerned about the appearance of special characters, you may e-mail a PDF of your abstract to Connie Vanni at

Use of References and Footnotes -- Use references and footnotes only if absolutely necessary. To incorporate references, use superscript numbers (e.g., 1, 2 ) within the text of the abstract. Footnotes should be indicated by using asterisks (e.g., *, **). Place references after footnotes at the end of the abstract body.

Legibility -- The poster should be readable from a distance of 2 m (6.6 ft.). Text and figure lettering height should be no less than 1 cm (0.4 in.).

Heading and Titles -- You should supply a header label that includes the poster title, author's name(s), and address of primary author. The recommended height for title lettering is 3 cm (1.2 in.). The maximum heading size is 20 x 122 cm (3 x 48 in.). All figures and tables should be titled. The sizes, format, and number of pieces to include are left to your discretion.

Additional Guidelines for Argonne Authors

The following guidelines were provided (as of February 2008) by Argonne's Office of Communications and Public Affairs regarding applying the Argonne branding guidelines to posters.

  • Show the Argonne logo (text and symbol) prominently in the upper left corner. The four-color horizontal-format logo on the black background is preferred.
  • Use the Helvetica (or Arial) typeface.
  • Near the bottom, place the appropriate cluster of DOE-UChicago Argonne-sponsor logos.
  • Near the bottom, close to the logos and in tastefully sized type, place the official management message: "A U.S. Department of Energy laboratory managed by UChicago Argonne, LLC."

Logos and more details are available on the Argonne brand identity guidelines page (internal access).


If you want to ship your poster directly to the APS, please LABEL the package CLEARLY with the name of the primary author and have arrange for it to be DELIVERED BY THURSDAY, April 30, to the following address:

APS User Office
Attn: Rachel Reed
Building 401, B1147C
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 S. Cass Ave.
Argonne, IL 60439-4800

When You Arrive

Poster pickup -- Posters shipped in advance to the APS will be available at the registration desk.

Display -- Your poster must be on display by 4 pm on the day of the poster session. You can put your poster up any time after 7:00 a.m. Your poster will be assigned a number; please check the list on display at the poster area. Mount your poster on the board labeled with that number.

Sessions -- Please arrange to have someone attend your poster at the scheduled session.

Removal -- Please remove your poster by NOON Wednesday, May 6. In all cases, posters not removed by the end of the meeting will be held in the APS User Office for one week and then discarded.





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