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Users Week 2008
May 4-8, 2008

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Registration & Abstracts
Practical Matters

Satellite Workshops
Short Courses

- April 4: poster abstracts
- April 11: non-U.S. registration
- April 18: housing
- April 25: registration


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Scientific Program Committee

Larry Lurio, Northern Illinois University, APS Chair
Paul Fuoss, Argonne National Laboratory, APS Workshop Chair
Paul Evans, University of Wisconsin-Madison, CNM Chair and CNM Workshop Chair
Russ Cook, EMC Chair

Administrative Coordinators

Susan Strasser, APS
Katie Carrado Gregar, CNM

APS Users Organization Steering Committee

Tim Graber, Chair, The University of Chicago
Laurence Lurio, Vice-Chair, Northern Illinois University
Simon Billinge, Michigan State University
Nino Campobasso, Glaxo SmithKline, Inc.
Paul Evans, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Millie Firestone, Argonne National Laboratory
Paul Fuoss, Argonne National Laboratory
Barbara Golden, Purdue University
Nadia Leyarovska, Argonne National Laboratory
Simon Mochrie, Yale University
Anne Mulichak, The University of Chicago
David Reis, University of Michigan
Linda Young, Argonne National Laboratory
Gene Ice, ex officio, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

CNM Users Executive Committee

Paul G. Evans, Chair, University of Wisconsin
Gayle E. Woloschak, Vice-Chair, Northwestern University
Nicolaie (Mike) Moldovan, Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc.
Vitali Metlushko, University of Illinois at Chicago
Dillon Fong, Argonne National Laboratory
Teri Odom, Northwestern University

2008 Users Week Organizing Committee

Jane Andrew – Program book, poster, web site
Judy Benigno – Argonne Conference Services
Joan Brunsvold – Argonne Conference Services
Linda Carlson – Registration, web site, user elections
Katie Carrado Gregar – CNM program, workshop programs and abstracts
Sharon Fisher – Site access
Carrie Clark – CNM short courses
Rachel Koritala – Tours
Bev Knott – Site access
Lori Moore – Budget, vendor exhibits, reimbursements
Michele Nelson – Technical Services Division, design
Rachel Reed – Social events, signage, poster session
Ed Russell – Building arrangements
Tracey Stancik – Argonne Conference Services, banquet
Becky Tasker – Building arrangements
Connie Vanni – Vendor exhibits, poster abstracts
Meg Vigliocco-Hagen – APS Users Organization and Partner User Council meetings
Carmie White – On-site social events, logistics

APS Poster Judges

Nadia Leyarovska, chair
Bernhard Adams
Dohn Arms
Mali Balasubramanian
Chris Benmore
Trudy Bolin
Soma Chattopadhyay
Eric Dufresne
Norma Duke
Stephan Ginell
Thomas Gog
David Gore
Ivan Kuzmenko
Beongdu Lee
Qing Ma
Anne Mulichak
Matt Newville
Doug Robinson
Michael Sprung
Jeff Terry
Jun Wang
Xiaoyi Zhang



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