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Users Week 2007
May 7-12, 2007

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Past Meetings


Workshop 8 - Center for Nanoscale Materials & Advanced Photon Source

Thursday, May 10
402 Lecture Hall
9:00 - 12:30
1:30 - 4:15

WK8 - Hard X-ray Nanoprobe -- Present and Future

Jörg Maser, Center for Nanoscale Materials and Advanced Photon Source
Brian Stephenson, Materials Science Division and Center for Nanoscale Materials
Stephen Streiffer, Center for Nanoscale Materials

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Hard x-ray microscopy provides powerful imaging and analytic capabilities at the Advanced Photon Source. Hard x-ray scanning nanoprobes provide elemental and chemical state analysis and characterization of local strain, texture and crystallographic phase. Full-field transmission microscopy provides high-resolution imaging in two and three dimensions in both absorption and phase contrast. Combined with polarized x-rays, both approaches can be used to study the magnetic state of specimens.

This workshop will discuss hard x-ray microscopy with particular emphasis on applications in materials sciences and nanosciences. Topics include complex oxides, magnetic materials, and bio-nano materials. A session will be dedicated to future x-ray optics and x-ray microscopes.


Session I  
9:00 - 9:15
Eric Isaacs, Director, Center for Nanoscale Materials
9:15 - 9:45
The Hard X-ray Nanoprobe: A Next-Generation X-ray Microscope for Nanosciences
Robert Winarski, Center for Nanoscale Materials
9:45 - 10:15 Nanofocusing of X-rays: Current Status and Future Perspectives
Al Macrander, Advanced Photon Source
10:15 - 10:45 Multifunctional Nanocomposites for Cancer Therapy and Imaging 
Gayle Woloschak, Northwestern University
10:45 - 11:00 Coffee
Session II  
11:00 - 11:30 Novel Local Phenomena in Phase Transitions via Nanoscale Diffraction Imaging
Martin Holt, Argonne National Laboratory
11:30 - 12:30 Stroboscopic Studies of Fast Ferroelectric Domain Dynamics
Carol Thompson, Northern Illinois University
12:30 - 1:30 Lunch
Session III  
1:30 - 2:00 Domain Wall Dynamics in Quantum Antiferromagnets
Oleg Spyrko, Center for Nanoscale Materials
2:00 - 2:30

Ferroelectrics in Extreme Electric Fields
Alexei Grigoryev, University of Wisconsin

2:30 - 3:00 Coherent X-ray Diffraction and its Application to Nanoscale Materials
Qun Shen, Advanced Photon Source
3:00 - 3:15 Break
Session IV, Nanotomography (Joint with Workshop 9)
3:15 - 3:45

Hard X-ray Nano-Imaging and Tomography Using a Full-field Microscope
Christoph Rau, Argonne National Laboratory

3:45 - 4:15

Nanotomography: A Next Generation of High-resolution X-ray Microscopes
Michael Feser, Xradia, Inc.

4:15 Adjourn


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