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Workshop 12

Friday, May 5
Bldg. 402, Lecture Hall
9:00 am - 11:45 am
1:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Microdiffraction in Structural Biology

Stephen C. Harrison, Harvard University
Steven E. Ealick, Cornell University

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Microdiffraction in Structural Biology

Microdiffraction is an increasingly important tool for the elucidation of structures of biological macromolecules.  Microdiffraction is defined as the study of crystals with at least one dimension less than 20 μm.  Microdiffraction places special demands on beamline optics and endstation instrumentation. First developed at European facilities such as the ESRF and SLS, demand for microdiffraction is growing in the US. This one-day workshop on microdiffraction of biological macromolecules includes a survey of capabilities at the APS, descriptions of existing microdiffraction beamlines at the ESRF and SLS, a description of the microdiffractometer and automounter developed at the ESRF, and plans for microdiffraction beamlines at the APS.

Agenda as of April 5, 2006


Current and Planned Capabilities in Microdiffraction at the APS
Qun Shen, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory


Microdiffraction Capabilities at the Swiss Light Source
Ehmke Pohl, Swiss Light Source, Paul Scherrer Institute

10:15-10:45 Break

Structures of Amyloidogenic Peptides Obtained from Microcrystals at ESRF ID 13 Microfocus Beamline
Michael Sawaya, University of California, Los Angeles


ID23-2: The New Dedicated MX Microfocus Beamline at the ESRF
David Flot, European Molecular Biology Laboratory

11:45-1:30 Lunch

Quickly Getting the Best Data from your Macromolecular Crystals with a New Generation of Beamline Instruments
Florent Cipriani, European Molecular Biology Laboratory


NE-CAT Plans for Microdiffraction
Kanagalaghatta Rajashankar Raj, NE-CAT, Advanced Photon Source; Cornell University

2:45-3:15 Break

Diamond Beamline I24: An Instrument for Macromolecular Microcrystallography
Gwyndaf Evans, Diamond Light Source          


Plans for Microdiffraction at the Structural Biology Center
Gerd Rosenbaum, Structural Biology Center, Argonne National Laboratory; SER-CAT, University of Georgia