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Comprehensive Program
  Advanced Photon Source Plenary Session
  Center for Nanoscale Materials Plenary Session
Poster Sessions
Workshops (see also workshops summaries)
  WK1 Toward 1-nanometer X-ray Beams (Advanced Photon Source, Center for Nanoscale Materials)
  WK2 Nanomaterials for Energy (Center for Nanoscale Materials)
  WK3 Nanophotonics (Center for Nanoscale Materials)
  WK4 Microscopy and Imaging in Materials Science (Advanced Photon Source, Center for Nanoscale Materials)
  WK5 Nanopatterning (Center for Nanoscale Materials)
  WK6 Quantum Nanomagnetism (Center for Nanoscale Materials)
  WK7 Texture and Strain Mapping with X-rays, Neutrons, and Electrons (Advanced Photon Source, Electron Microscopy Center, Intense Pulsed Neutron Source)
  WK8 Inelastic X-ray Scattering: Present and Future at the APS (Advanced Photon Source)
  WK9 X-ray Spectromicroscopy: a Tool for Environmental Science? (Advanced Photon Source)
  WK10 Diffuse Scattering: Emerging Opportunities with Advanced X-ray and Neutron Sources (Advanced Photon Source)
  WK11 Beamline Controls (Advanced Photon Source)
  WK12 Microdiffraction in Structural Biology (Advanced Photon Source)
    Adjunct workshops (separate registration and payment)