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Schedule Overview

See session times on Schedule-at-a-Glance (83 KB PDF, updated April 15, 2005)

Detailed agendas are available by following the links below.

May 2

CNM meeting

  • DOE and Facility Updates
  • Shaping Light at the Nanoscale: Quantum Dots and Photonic Crystal Resonators (E. Hu)
  • Nanoscale Structure and Properties of Semiconductor Nanowires (L. Lauhon,
  • Emergent Physics and Chemistry in the Non-scaleable Nano-size regime (U. Landman)
  • Human Issues in Nanotechnology (M.E. Mitchell)
  • Oxide Nanostructures (D. Schlom)
  • Observation of Solvent Structural Domains Near Ions: Implications for the Design and Operation of Nanoscaled Devices and Machines (A. Goshe)

Exhibits open at noon
CNM poster session
Joint APS/CNM opening reception
CNM dinner

May 3

Workshops (all day)

APS poster session
APS Partner User Council

May 4

APS opening session

  • National, DOE, and Facility Updates
  • X-ray Microscopy with Zone Plates -- Early Experiments (Günter Schmahl, Compton Award)
  • Zone Plates for Microprobes and Scanning Microscopy (Janos Kirz, Compton Award)
  • Reflections on the 10th Anniversary: How Photon Sources Were Advanced by the APS (David Moncton)

APS science session I

  • Uniform Catalytic Site in Sn-beta Zeolite Determined Using X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (S. Bare)
  • It's Not As Easy As It Looks: Application of Synchrotron-based Techniques to the Analysis of Environmental Contaminants (P. O'Day)
  • The APS and Archaeometallurgy: Studying the Alloys and Forming Techniques of the Medieval Brass Industry (B. Newbury)
  • Structural Studies of Catalytic RNA Molecules (A. Mondragon)

APS poster session
APS/CNM banquet

May 5

APS business session
APS science session II

  • Imaging Electronic Motion in Water with Attosecond Time Resolution (P. Abbamonte)
  • A Survey of Possible Near-term Accelerator Improvements (M. Borland)
  • Structural Biology and Genomes (A. Edwards)

Exhibits close at noon
Workshops (afternoon)

Adjunct workshop (afternoon) at Argonne Guest House

Dinner in memory of Dale Sayers, XAFS pioneer

May 6

CNM cornerstone ceremony (morning)

Workshops (morning)

Workshops (all day)



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Setup: Sunday, 4 - 6 p.m., and Monday 7 - 11 a.m.
Teardown: Thursday, noon - 7 p.m.

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