APS General User Proposal System
Instructions for Macromolecular Crystallography Reviewers

version 1.0
October 18, 2002
Reviewed January 24, 2012

General User Program: gu_program@aps.anl.gov, 630-252-7385
Technical assistance: mis_mgrs@aps.anl.gov


NOTE: after you submit your review, you cannot make any further changes

1. Go to the proposal URL (provided in the email requesting a review) and view or print the proposal report.

2. Go to the URL for the review sheet (provided in the email requesting a review). An interactive review form is displayed.

3. Answer the following questions by clicking the radio button corresponding to the appropriate response:

  • Quality of research?
  • Impact of research?
  • Need for third-generation light source?
  • Potential for publication?
  • Are multiple visits justified (for program proposals only)?

4. Provide comments. Comments entered in the left-hand box will be sent both to the proposal spokesperson and to the Beamtime Allocation Committee. Comments entered in the right-hand box will be sent only to the Committee; the spokesperson will not see them.

5. Respond to the conflict of interest statement.

6. Double-check your responses. Once you submit the review, you cannot make further changes. When you are ready to send the review, click "Submit Review". Your review is sent to the APS.