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Issue 79, June 4, 2012



APS Upgrade News by George Srajer, APS Upgrade Director

-- 2012 Users Meeting in Review!
-- Volker Rose Wins DOE Early Career Award!
-- Current APS Job Openings
-- Congratulations to New APSUO Steering Committee Members
-- Social Media and Communications at the APS: Publications and Beyond!
-- Is Your User Badge "Old?"

-- Call for 2012B Proposals at the SACLA Public Beamlines; Deadline June 12, 2012
-- Call for Abstracts - MRS Symposium VV: Advanced Materials Exploration with Neutrons and Synchrotron X-rays
-- Science with Seeded FEL Beams Workshop, July 19-20, Hamburg, Germany
-- 15th International Small-angle Scattering Conference, November 18-23, 2012, Sydney, Australia
-- Recruiting SSRL Lightsource User Administrator; Communications Manager
-- Candidate Sought for Thomas Baker Professor of Biosciences, School of Physics at the University of Melbourne
-- Next General User Proposal Deadline: July 13, 2012
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As we head into the summer, I'd like to congratulate the APS Users Organization on staging an excellent 2012 Users Meeting, held in May jointly by three of the DOE Office of Science User Facilities at Argonne: the Center for Nanoscale Materials, the Electron Microscopy Center, and the APS. In addition to facility updates and science highlights, we had almost a dozen workshops, several on topics cutting across the user communities of the three facilities. We were fortunate to have our Congressional representative Judy Biggert to provide an update on the perspective from Capitol Hill. The keynote speech by Richard Harris of NPR's science desk was enlightening, and the Hollywood-themed dinner and video/music event pushed the forefront of Users Meeting entertainment.

I would also like to take this opportunity to officially welcome a new group of researchers to the Photon Sciences directorate. As of June 1, the staff of the General Medical Sciences and Cancer Institutes (GM/CA) beamlines at the APS will move from the Argonne Biosciences Division to the Argonne X-ray Science Division. GM/CA is a national user facility funded by the two NIH institutes that for many years has provided world-leading structural biology capabilities at APS. While this move gives the GM/CA staff a new administrative home that is now within APS, GM/CA will continue to be scientifically directed by Janet Smith of the University of Michigan and managed by Robert Fischetti of Argonne. As part of the move, Dr. Fischetti will become the associate division director for structural biology in the X-ray Science Division. Bob is an internationally recognized leader with broad knowledge of synchrotron science, beamline construction and instrumentation, and applications of synchrotron radiation in structural molecular biology. He and the GM/CA group received a 2010 R&D 100 Award for the development of the Hard X-ray Mini-beam Quad Collimator for Structural Biology, and led the recent effort to understand the mechanism for reduced radiation damage in crystals with micron-sized beams. We look forward to maintaining the high standard of research and user friendliness that have always been hallmarks of GM/CA, and to strengthening the ties between APS and the structural biology community.

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APS Upgrade News by George Srajer, APS Upgrade Director
The 2012 User Meeting in May was an excellent opportunity to present the status of Roadmap scenarios. Following the initial discussions on ten possible scenarios proposed for future locations of programs at APS sectors, we received advice from the APS Science Advisory Committee and Laboratory management and feedback from our user community and APS staff. We followed up with meetings of representatives from Roadmap-affected programs and discussed the impact of various scenarios. We also performed rough cost estimates of all options and took into consideration technical limitations. After synthetizing all this input, we presented a base scenario (labeled J’ on the website) and two variations on the theme (labeled O and J) as alternatives. More details are at http://aps.anl.gov/Upgrade/Forum/.  We invite you to input comments and feedback at that website as well.  As the Project moves towards the Performance Baseline (CD-2) Review planned for December 2012, we will consider all three scenarios for cost and schedule purposes. At CD-2, only one scenario will be incorporated into the Project baseline.

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Kerby as the Project Manager for the Project. Jim started on May 14, 2012, and prior to joining Argonne, he worked at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL) for the past 26 years in engineering and project management, recently as the Project Manager for the FNAL-Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Accelerator effort, and then the full US-LHC Accelerator Project.

Geoff Pile, who served as the Interim Project Manager until May 14, kindly agreed to remain engaged in the Project until the end of September to help the management transition.

In addition to Jim, the project office hired Tom Fornek in the position of Deputy Project Manager and Associate Project Manager for project integration. Tom comes to APS-U with 36 years of engineering, line management, and project management experience, most recently as the Project Manager for the $60M LUSI X-ray Instrumentation project at the Linac Coherent Light Source.

Tom Mann joined the Project as the Deputy Associate Project Manager for Accelerator with a specific role overseeing the Short Pulse X-ray (SPX).  Tom has 44 years of experience in various fusion, accelerator, and reactor projects going back to the Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF).

We are fortunate to have Jim Kerby, Tom Fornek, and Tom Mann join the APS-U Project Team. Their wealth of experience and accomplishments will be instrumental in helping APS-U reach important milestones.

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2012 Users Meeting in Review!
A record crowd of more than 600 attended all or part of the 2012 APS/CNM/EMC Users Meeting from May 7–10! (See a photo album here.) Kicking off the Monday Plenary Session, Argonne National Laboratory Director Eric Isaacs emphasized how important these national user facilities are to the overall mission of the Lab, as well as to the nation’s “knowledge enterprise. “ The Honorable Judy Biggert (IL-13) followed by reiterating bipartisan Congressional support for science but cautioned that full funding initiatives for science face serious challenges in today’s political climate. Keynote speaker, Richard Harris, National Public Radio’s award-winning journalist brought a fresh perspective with his entertaining insight on science and the news. He commented that those discoveries considered highly significant by scientists (as measured by Citation Index) are often ignored by the press because they aren’t really “news.” 

Following a break, Directors of the three user facilities, Brian Stephenson (APS), Amanda Petford-Long (CNM), and Dean Miller (EMC) described recent scientific accomplishments and identified future directions for their facilities. Tony Lanzirotti, Chair of the National User Facility Organization (NUFO) also spoke.

The afternoon APS Plenary Session began with a talk by Alexis Templeton (University of Colorado, Boulder and winner of the first APSUO Rosalind Franklin Young Investigator Award in 2004) describing the work she has accomplished in the intervening years. Damian Ekiert (University of California, San Francisco), the 2012 Franklin Award winner, described his award-winning project. His talk was followed by Linda Young (APS X-ray Science Division), who presented on-going and future work with x-rays in the fourth dimension. Following a break, Mike Gillan (London Center for Nanotechnology, University College London, UK) described new insights into the molecular-scale energetics of water.  Ahmet Uysal, the invited student talk winner, explained how insights from biology could be used to create better nanomaterials. The afternoon concluded with George Srajer (APS Deputy Director for Facility Development) presenting the three alternate scenarios for beamline locations as the APS moves forward with the APS Upgrade project.

The evening’s social event, the First-ever APS/CNM/EMC Video and Music Event, featured Hollywood-style “grazing” food, “Red Carpet” interviews hosted by Peter Eng (GSECARS), user-created videos, and some excellent live music by the Big Eddy Springs Blues Band.

Overall, the meeting included 47 exhibitors, three cross-facility workshops, seven facility-specific workshops, a poster session with 140 posters, and four CNM short courses.  A comprehensive program with abstracts of all talks (general session, facility-specific plenary sessions, and workshops), as well as poster abstracts can be found at http://usersmeeting2012.conference.anl.gov/.

Save the date for next year’s meeting:  May 6-9, 2013!

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Volker Rose Wins DOE Early Career Award!
Congratulations to Volker Rose (XSD/MIC) on receiving a DOE Early Career award! This prestigious award will enable him to take his development combining the sub-nanometer spatial resolution of scanning probe microscopy with the chemical, electronic, and magnetic sensitivity of synchrotron radiation to the next level.

The Laboratory announcement of the awards (four went to Argonne staff this year) can be found at

Again, congratulations to Volker!

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Current APS Job Openings
There are a number of science and engineering positions available at the Advanced Photon Source. See http://www.aps.anl.gov/jobs/.

We would like to bring to your attention a new posting for an Associate Division Director for Condensed Matter Physics/Materials Science in the X-ray Science Division. The Associate Division Director will join Chris Jacobsen, Bob Fischetti, and Mark Beno as part of the XSD management team with Linda Young. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing research themes relevant to the Basic Energy Sciences portfolio. The Associate Division Director will be responsible for the Magnetic Materials, Inelastic X-ray and Nuclear Resonant Scattering, Materials Physics and Engineering, and Surface Scattering and Microdiffraction Groups.

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Congratulations to New APSUO Steering Committee Members
Congratulations to the newly elected steering committee members of the APS Users Organization (APSUO): Mark Daymond (Professor, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Queen’s University, Canada), Eric Landahl (Assistant Professor of Physics, DePaul University), Karen Mulfort, (Assistant Chemist, Solar Conversion Group, Division of Chemical Sciences and Engineering), and Oleg Shpyrko (Assistant Professor of Physics, University of California San Diego). Each will serve a three-year term on the committee.

The APSUO’s mission is to serve as an advocacy group for the APS and its user community, to provide advice to the ALD on matters affecting the user community, and to assure good communication between the APS user community and the APS management. You can read more about the APSUO at http://www.aps.anl.gov/About/Committees/APS_Users_Organization/.

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Social Media and Communications at the APS: Publications and Beyond!
From Scientific Information Services (SIS) in the Photon Sciences (PSC) Directorate:
• On the APS home page (http://www.aps.anl.gov/), toward the bottom of the right-hand column, you will find a link to Recent Publications where you can “Browse the latest entries in the APS Publications Database.” This list is updated regularly by Jessie Skwarek of SIS. It offers references for and links to new APS journal articles and (some) conference papers, as well as lists of new dissertations, book chapters, books, and technical reports from the APS Publications Database.

• Signing up for the APS Twitter feed (@advancedphoton) will get you a link to the Recent Publications page each time that page is updated with new references (usually every week). In addition, you will receive tweets notifying you of new Science and Research Highlights and APS News items from the APS web site.

• APS-related photos and graphics are now accessed via the APS Flickr photostream. Suggestions for, requests about, or submissions to the photostream are welcome at apsinfo@aps.anl.gov.

• “The Advanced Photon Source: Lighting the Way to a Better Tomorrow,” a 24-page, four-color brochure that describes the APS and the APS Upgrade in layman’s terms is available in PDF format at http://www.aps.anl.gov/Science/Brochure/, or as a printed booklet by request to apsinfo@aps.anl.gov.

APS Science, the annual compendium of research and engineering highlights published beginning in 2003 is available in PDF format at http://www.aps.anl.gov/Science/Reports/ or printed form by request to apsinfo@aps.anl.gov.

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Is Your User Badge "Old?"
If your user badge orientation is vertical, you have an "old"-style user badge and security at the Argonne gate will no longer permit you access to the Lab with it, regardless of its expiration date. You can pick up a new user badge (horizontal orientation) at the Argonne Information Center (AIC) during regular business hours Monday through Friday. If you will be coming to the Lab during off hours or on the weekend, you must request a gate pass for access to the Lab until your badge can be replaced at the AIC.

Expired badges of any style must be replaced in order to gain access to the Lab--this is a great time to go to the User Portal and check your Registration Profile information for accuracy and completeness before requesting your new badge. Need a gate pass (e.g., arriving after hours or on a weekend)? You can request one right from your profile page (see "User Check-in Form")!

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--Call for 2012B Proposals at the SACLA Public Beamlines; Deadline June 12, 2012
The Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI) announces the "Call for 2012B Proposals at the SACLA Public Beamlines." The deadline for on-line proposal submissions is Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 10:00 am (Japan time). Please see http://sacla.xfel.jp/?p=2798&lang=en for more information.

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-- Call for Abstracts - MRS Symposium VV: Advanced Materials Exploration with Neutrons and Synchrotron X-rays
The MRS Symposium VV: Advanced Materials Exploration with Neutrons and Synchrotron X-rays will be held at the MRS-Fall-2012 meeting in Boston, November 25-30, 2012, bringing  together most modern and emerging characterization methods and materials scientists in a widest range. Please see the Call For Papers, listing more details and the scope of the symposium (http://mrs.org/f12-cfp-vv).

The Symposium is organized in the framework of the MRS Fall Meeting. Speakers must submit abstracts by the June 19, 2012, deadline. Abstract submission will run from May 19 - June 19, 2012. A joint session related to diffraction methods applied to amorphous substances is being offered with Symposium NN: Structure-Property Relations in Amorphous Solids (http://mrs.org/f12-cfp-nn).

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-- Science with Seeded FEL Beams Workshop, July 19-20, Hamburg, Germany
While SASE radiation from x-ray free-electron lasers is almost fully coherent in the transverse direction, the longitudinal coherence is limited. Recently, a new self-seeding scheme has been proposed that will result in Fourier-limited hard x-ray pulses with bandwidths in the 1e-4 to1e-5 range. Experimental tests at LCLS of this seeding scheme validated the principle and in parallel ideas are being developed to achieve the same goal for soft x-rays. The workshop (organized by the European XFEL, Hamburg) will address the novel scientific frontiers that can be explored with seeded FEL radiation in the soft and hard x-ray regimes. Particularly, applications in atomic and molecular spectroscopies, inelastic scattering, diffractive imaging, XPCS, and scattering with coherent beams will be covered.

Registration is now open at:
https://indico.desy.de/conferenceDisplay.py?ovw=True&confId=5665. The registration deadline is July 1, 2012.

Invited speakers include H. Chapman (CFEL), J. Crespo (MPI-Heidelberg), J. Evers (MPI-Heidelberg), P. H. Fuoss (ANL), G. Gregori (Oxford), C.-C. Kao (SLAC), G. Monaco (ESRF), B. Patterson (PSI), H. Quiney (Melbourne), A. Robert (SLAC), K. Rossnagel (Kiel), R. Santra (CFEL), and M. Weinelt (FU

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--15th International Small-angle Scattering Conference, November 18-23, 2012, Sydney, Australia
Registration is now open for the 15th International Small-angle Scattering Conference (see conference web site at http://sas2012.com). The conference will be held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre on the waterfront of the Darling Harbor precinct and will be showcase talent from the next generation of small-angle scatterers, highlight emerging areas of the field, and exciting social events and networking opportunities combined with high quality science in a spectacular setting. Early registration deadline is August 17, 2012.

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--Recruiting SSRL Lightsource User Administrator; Communications Manager
SSRL is recruiting for a User Administrator to take responsibility for managing proposals and scheduling for the SSRL X-ray and VUV material sciences and chemistry beamlines. The job description can be found at https://tbe.taleo.net/NA12/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=SLAC&cws=1&rid=772.

SSRL is also recruiting a Communications Manager. For more information, please see https://tbe.taleo.net/NA12/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=SLAC&cws=1&rid=775.

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--Candidate Sought for Thomas Baker Professor of Biosciences, School of Physics at the University of Melbourne
A new cross-disciplinary research program in Physical Biosciences is being developed by the School of Physics at the University of Melbourne. A candidate is being sought for a new position, the Thomas Baker Professor of Biosciences,who will bring together key researchers from different disciplines and forge new directions that bridge and extend the biological sciences with the quantitative strengths of the physical sciences. The position is within the School of Physics at the University of Melbourne. The position description and application process are provided here.

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-- Next General User Proposal Deadline: July 13, 2012

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