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Issue 64, September 29, 2010


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Effective the beginning of October, I will be leaving APS to become the founding Dean of the College of Science at Northeastern University in Boston. To all my friends in the APS community I wish a warm “au revoir.” I have been truly privileged to hold the position of APS Director for nine years. I can honestly say it has been a dream job. The superb APS machine was designed and built with a quality and rigor that were prerequisite to our success. For this I thank my predecessor Dave Moncton along with Gopal Shenoy, Yang Cho, and a host of others. The employees at APS are our most outstanding assets. Whether it is a beamline scientist helping a user, a maintenance technician getting up in the middle of the night to fix a problem, an administrator facilitating rapid access for a foreign user, or a staff scientist pushing the limits of the machine--the entire APS team is phenomenal. And of greatest importance, our user community is outstanding. The science done by the users made my job exciting. I also appreciate the strong partnerships we have developed with many users who help us create and sustain unique capabilities.

APS is an integral part of the Argonne National laboratory, which enables our success through support and strong science drivers. I have worked with three laboratory directors whom I would particularly like to thank: Hermann Grunder for the confidence to hire me; Bob Rosner for his patient support; and Eric Isaacs for his unwavering promotion of the upgrade project. Bob Zimmer and Don Levy at the University of Chicago also helped tremendously to advance the upgrade project. And I'd like to thank our DOE colleagues, especially Pedro Montano, whose "tough love" has helped APS achieve new levels of success.

I have been challenged, entertained, and gratified many times over the years. Frustrated sometimes…yes, but even then I have appreciated the clear-headed approach of the leadership team at APS that helped keep me on an even keel.

On a personal note, I have periodically sought new challenges and my position at Northeastern University offers an exciting future. Although I am leaving because I feel ready for something new, I believe that APS will benefit from fresh leadership. I will always look upon my period at APS as "golden years." For this I thank you all. I am very confident that the future for APS is bright, and I will be vicariously enjoying it.

Best wishes,


A farewell luncheon was held for Murray Gibson at the Argonne Guest House on Friday, September 17, 2010. Click here to see photos from the event.