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What's New for 2007-1?

The following policy and system changes will be implemented in the General User Program beginning with proposals submitted for run 2007-1. An explanation of what this means for existing proposals is given after the list of changes. The changes will take effect in the online system on October 14, 2006.

What are the changes?

Proposal lifetime
The option to select proposal type (individual or Program has been eliminated. All proposals will be active for two years (six cycles) or until the number of shifts recommended by the Proposal Review Panel for the life of the proposal have been used. The number of recommended and used shifts will be prominently displayed at the top of the General tab of your proposal, so you can easily determine when a proposal will expire. When your proposal is due to expire, you will receive an e-mail notice.

"Project" status
The first screen (General tab) now contains the question, "Do you want this proposal considered for project status?" If you check yes, you'll be required to provide additional information. On the Questions tab, you will be asked, "Why does this proposal warrant project status?" You must also fully justify the need for the beamline(s) requested. For a definition of project status see the APS User Administrative Policies and Procedures (pdf).

The drop-down list of techniques has been moved to the Beamtime Request tab.

Rapid access
The explanation of rapid access has been moved to the Beamtime Request tab.

Instrument identification
When you select a beamline operated by the APS (an XOR beamline), you are required to select a technique or capability from a drop-down list. Only capabilities corresponding to that beamline will be displayed.

Key words
For macromolecular crystallography proposals, a new drop-down list will allow you to select up to 11 key words that fit the proposal. These key words will help us more effectively match proposal content and reviewer expertise.

What happens to existing proposals?

Under the new system, when your proposal is due to expire, you'll be notified in sufficient time to submit a new proposal for the upcoming run.

Proposal Type New Lifetime
Individual proposal that received time in 2006-3 It will expire. You need to submit a new proposal.
Individual proposal submitted for 2006-2 or 2006-3 that did not get time Your proposal will be active for four or five more cycles, respectively (for a total of six) OR (for non-macromolecular crystallography proposals) until the PRP-recommended number of shifts have been used.
Program proposal already in the system It will expire after six cycles from its submission date OR (for non-macromolecular crystallography proposals) after the PRP-recommended number of shifts have been used.

13 October 2006