APS User News-at-a-Glance Issue 34: September 26, 2005
Advanced Photon Source www.aps.anl.gov

2005 XAFS Summer School at the Advanced Photon Source

Selected photos from the school. For more information on the school (and more pictures), see the school web page at http://cars9.uchicago.edu/xafs_school/APS_2005/

These photos give a glimpse of life on the experiment floor. Each photo was taken at a different beamline that offered beam time to the summer school students; about half the beamlines that participated are represented.

A moment away from manning the beamline controls.

Now, I would argue that these data should be interpreted this way...

From those smiles, the experiment must be working!

The delicate art of sample mounting.

Aligning a sample by video (sample on monitor at left, view of equipment inside hutch on monitor at right).