2005 APS/CNM Users Meeting

Photo Gallery

Distinguished Guests

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, U.S. Congresswoman Judy Biggert, and Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman with State of Illinois and Department of Energy seals for the Center for Nanoscale Materials cornerstone
Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois discussed the budget climate in Washington

Compton Award winners Janos Kirz (center left) and Günter Schmahl (center right), with APSUO Chair Mark Rivers (left) and APS Director Murray Gibson (right)

Sin qua non of APS: Yanglai Cho, Gopal Shenoy, David Moncton
The next generation of distinguished guests: student poster prize winners Jeremy Robinson and Marcus Young, with APSUO Vice-Chair Carol Thompson and poster prize chair Tim Graber (Not pictured: prize winner Anthony Escuadro)

Quite a Crowd!

The building 401 atrium--echoingly empty most of the time--hummed with conversation the whole week

Near-capacity crowd filled the auditorium for Wednesday's opening session

Lots of scope for thought here at APS poster session!

Three-way meeting of minds: (l. to r.) APS user Mike Bedzyk of Northwestern University, Orlando Auciello of Argonne's Center for Nanoscale Materials, and Northwestern grad student Jeffrey Klug exchange opinions at the CNM poster session  

An explanation is requested...

People Watching at the Party...

Check out the tie...this guy's in charge of one very big light switch!

What mischief is this man up to???
User alert: If you don't know who these two women are, you should find out...and be very nice to them! Hint: they're the user administrators of CNM and APS (Jill Morgenthaler, left, and Susan Strasser)