Getting Started

This stage takes you from initial discussions to having scheduled beam time.

Please read all this information before you apply for time. You must complete certain administrative requirements before you can use APS facilities. Researchers new to synchrotron x-ray facilities are encouraged to consult with beamline scientific staff or other experienced users to determine what capabilities are available.

Find a Beamline
Suggestions to help you decide which beamline(s) are suitable.

Register As a User
Explanation of registration process, which initiates your request for approval to enter the Argonne site to do hands-on work at the APS. As part of this process, you will be issued a badge number that you will need to submit a proposal.

Submit a Proposal
Information on our General User Program and web-based proposal system. Note: If you are eligible to be a Collaborative Access Team member (see step Find a Beamline, above), contact your CAT for instructions on applying for beam time.