APS Upgrade / ERL Optics Workshop: Monday, April 23, 2007

The ERL Optics Workshop Report PDF

  • A. Macrander (chair) ANL/APS/XSD
  • Q. Shen ANL/APS/XSD
  • D. Bilderback Cornell/CHESS
  • J. Maser ANL/APS/XSD & CNM
  • B. Stephenson ANL/ MSD & CNM
  • D. Mills ANL/APS
APS Upgrade / ERL Optics Workshop Itinerary
8:00 Breakfast buffet/coffee
8:30 Welcome
8:35 Charge to committee and to workshop speakers G. Long
8:40 Workshop overview and report A. Macrander
9:00 X-ray Sources at the APS ERL E. Gluskin
9:30 Hard X-ray Optics Considerations for X-rays Beams
produced by an Energy Recovery Linac Source of X-rays
D. Bilderback
10:00 Break  
10:15 Coherence Optics and Coherent Imaging K. Nugent
10:45 Optics for Coherent X-rays for SPring-8 and XFEL's T. Ishikawa
11:15 X-Ray Optics Considerations for Short Pulses S.Shastri
11:45 Lunch  
1:00 High Resolution Monochromators T. Toellner
1:30 X-ray Optics Metrology at the State of the Art L. Assoufid
2:00 Optical Requirements For Preservation of The ERL Beam Quality A. Khounsary
2:30 Break  
2:45 Nanofocusing Hard X-rays with Refractive Lenses C. Schroer
3:15 Nanofocusing with Multilayer Laue Lenses: Status and Prospects J. Maser
3:45 Wave-optical simulations of Hard X-ray Nanofocusing by K-B Mirrors C. Kewish
4:15 Summary and discussion for workshop report A. Macrander
6:00 End of workshop