APS Upgrade Gains Momentum!

I am delighted to announce that the collaborative planning with the users of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory for the future scientific growth of the facility is entering a new and exciting phase.  The Office of Basic Energy Sciences at DOE has asked us to prepare a scientific proposal for a major APS upgrade and submit it by October 31, 2006.  Naturally, receiving a go-ahead for the upgrade will depend, in large part, on the strength of this proposal and its ability to convey the revolutionary science that would be possible by the enhanced APS.

I know many of you share my excitement about this opportunity not only to propel APS into world-class leadership for the next decade but also to give U.S. scientists access to revolutionary new capabilities while dramatically improving the performance of existing experiments.  Plans for the upgrade include closely-coupled ground-breaking developments in the accelerator lattice, x-ray sources, beamline equipment, data recording and data analysis.  The resulting large improvements in experimental capability would lead to world-class new science in many areas.

We invite you to take the opportunity to impact the details of the potential future upgrade.  We will be holding several short workshops this summer and plan a special summary workshop at APS on August 10 and 11 which will begin with APS staff and users providing a summary of key ideas associated with the upgrade and soliciting your input so that in the proposal we can emphasize revolutionary new capabilities that would be impossible without the upgrade, for example in ultra-fast science.

Everyone who is interested is encouraged to attend these workshops, and comment either in person or on-line (available soon).

Following a successful proposal, the next stage would be development in 2007 of a full Conceptual Design which would lay out the entire scope of what we will build, driven by the science that will be possible with the APS upgrade.

Plans are for the upgrade to begin in Fiscal Year 2009 with a completion in approximately five (5) years.  According to the proposed timeline, the upgraded storage ring lattice, which will deliver significantly reduced emittance, many longer straight sections and tailored x-ray sources for every APS sector, will be installed in the final year of the project (2013 or later).

While there will be approximately one year’s downtime associated with the new lattice installation and commissioning, we are convinced that the result of the upgrade will more than compensate for this disruption.  We will work with our users to minimize the effects of the extended downtime.

We eagerly invite you to join us as we plan for the future.  Your support has been vital as we have reached our current position of leadership and is essential as we plan for continued excellence.

Murray Gibson