Starting/Stopping the IDL License Server


In the descriptions below,


Red indicates computer system response

Blue indicates user keyboard input

Black indicates comments


Stopping the IDL License Server


- Login as Super-User


redfox> su



- Shut-down license server

redfox# /net/redfox/opt1/rsi/idl_5.4/bin/lmdown

lmdown - Copyright (C) 1989-1999 Globetrotter Software, Inc.


Port@Host Vendors

1) 1700@redfox idl_lmgrd


Are you sure (y/n)? y

Shut down FLEXlm server on node redfox

1 FLEXlm License Server shut down

redfox# 11:26:29 (lmgrd) SHUTDOWN request from root at node redfox


11:26:29 (lmgrd) lmgrd will now shut down all the vendor daemons


11:26:29 (lmgrd) Shutting down idl_lmgrd

11:26:29 (idl_lmgrd) daemon shutdown requested - shutting down


Starting the IDL License Server


- Login to Redfox (not necessarily as Super-User)


redfox> /net/redfox/opt1/rsi/idl_5.4/bin/lmgrd or idyllic

11:25:22 (lmgrd) -----------------------------------------------

11:25:22 (lmgrd) Please Note:

11:25:22 (lmgrd)

11:25:22 (lmgrd) This log is intended for debug purposes only.

11:25:22 (lmgrd) There are many details in licensing policies