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Starting X-Plot
Plotting Data
Clearing Data Sets
Printing Plots

I. Starting X-Plot:

  • Starting the analysis package: Type"xop xplot" in a terminal window.

II. Plotting Data

  • Plotting data: File>load data>filename


  • Plotting two or more sets of data simultaneously: load a scan, hit "save plot" after each set is plotted. Keep track of the x- and y- scales when doing this; the scale is chosen automatically for the most recently-loaded set.
  • Changing the x- and y- scales: Edit>set> limits and styles

III. Clearing Saved Data Sets

  • To clear the saved data sets: Plotmgr> select set(s) to be cleared.


IV. Printing Plots

  • Printing Plots: Make sure that "lp %F" and NOTHING else is in the print window (the default is "lp –d %F".)

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