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Helpful Links
Starting SPEC
Scanning Motors
Plotting in SPEC
Other Useful Information

I. Helpful Links:

II. Starting SPEC:
  • Starting SPEC (fourc) on 9 ID-B: Type “fourc” in a terminal window.
  • Starting SPEC (surf) on 9 ID-C: Type “surf” in a terminal window.

III. Macros:

  • Running a macro: "qdo <filename>"
  • Listing of SPEC Macros: (This is currently being compiled!)

IV. Scanning Motors:

  • Scanning Motors: dscan motorname startposition endposition numberintervals timeateachpoint
    • Example: dscan samp_x -10 10 5 (This is a relative scan. Motors are returned to the original positions.)

V. Plotting in SPEC:

  • SPEC will plot curves for different ion chambers as desired. To change the default displayed on screen: plotselect <ion chamber name>
    • Example: Plotselect i0 (Default Ion Chamber Plotted is i0. See graph below)
  • To see a plot of another ion chamber for the same scan (default not changed): Splot <ion chamber name>
  • Printing a SPEC Plot: FOURC>xdump

VI. Other Useful Info:

  • To get help in SPEC: Type “help”.
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