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9-BM B Hutch Search Procedure

Use the map below to help you locate items necessary to searching the hutch. (Click to enlarge it.)

The following MUST be done to search this hutch:

1. Locate the hutch door that is on the inboard side of the ring and locate the door control box (DC2) next to it. This door must be closed first.

2. To close the door, press and hold down the green button on the door control box labeled "Close." You must hold the green button during the entire process; releasing it will cause the door to open again.

3. Should you need to stop the door from closing, simply release the "Close" button.

4. After closing the first door, enter the hutch through the opposite door.

5. Locate the search box entitled "Search Box 1." This is Number 1 on the above map. You should see a yellow light flashing here.

6. When you are prepared to shut the hutch, check the area around the first search box to be sure that no people are present.

7. If the area is empty, press the green button on the first search box. The yellow light now stops flashing and is solid yellow.

8. At this time, an audio alarm will instruct anyone else in the hutch to exit.

9. Proceed to the second search box labeled "Search Box 2." This is Number 2 on the above map. The yellow light should be flashing.

10. Check the area around the second search box for any people. If the area is empty, press the green button. The yellow light will become solid yellow.

11. Move out of the hutch through the open door, making sure that no one enters.

12. Close the second door by holding down the green button on the door control box (DC1). Be sure that no one enters the hutch while you do this.

13. When the door closes and locks, you will see the two green lights on the operating box light up. At this point, you have successfully completed the hutch search.


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