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VI. BM Computers and Software

A. 9-BM Computer Operations Cheat Sheet - Everything you need to know about BM Computing!
B. General Information (Computer names, printers, etc.)
1. Work Station Computer (Moe)
  2. Logging In
  3. Printer
  4. Automatic Front End Shutter Operation
  5. Secondary Computer (PC) Operations
C. Software
a. How to Start
  b. Additional Info
a. How to Start
  b. Running an EXAFS Scan
  c. Scanning Motors
  d. Macros
i. Running a Macro
  ii. Macro Listing
  e. Plotting in SPEC
  f. Printing a SPEC Plot
  g. Additional Info
3. X-Plot
a. How to Start
  b. Plotting Data
  c. Plotting Two or More Data Sets Simultaneously
  d. Clearing Saved Data Sets
  e. Changing X and Y Scales
  f. Printing Plots
  g. Additional Info
4. WinXAS
5. Exafspak
6. Athena
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