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BM Introduction

The Bending Magnet beamline of Sector 9 (9-BM) is used primarily to perform low energy (~2 to 6 keV) EXAFS experiments. 9-BM is currently operational and accepting General Users. Interested parties should contact Trudy Bolin (, 630-252-0336.

The experimental station 9-BM B has a set-up that utilizes a helium-purged flight path to avoid air-absorption of the x-rays. Both transmission and fluorescence experiments are possible. At this time, only non-energy dispersive detectors are in place.

The 9-BM beamline utilizes a toroidal mirror for focusing in the horizontal and vertical directions, and a secondary mirror in the 9-BM B enclosure for harmonics rejection. Slits for horizontal and vertical beam reduction are available. The focused beam is approximately 450 microns in the horizontal and vertical directions at 2.5 keV.

The First Optical Enclosure (FOE) utilizes a double-crystal Si crystal monochromator. Two crystals are available: Si(111) and Si(222).

Good things to know:  
Energy Ranges: 2 to 25 keV
Detectors Used: Lytle (fluorescence); Ion chambers (transmission); Solid State Detector
Slit Size Range: 0-28 mm, 50 micron resolution
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