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Sector 7: User Activity Reports

Eveyone who has reportable results is asked to produce one or more one to two page abstracts of their work. Note that these Activity Reports are brief and not meant to take the place of publications. These Activity Reports serve several purposes.

  • They are a way for all MHATT-CAT members and interested external parties to remain abreast of activities at Sector 7. Submitted abstracts are posted on this web site under the research->publications->abstracts navigation menu item.
  • They are vey helpful to the MHATT-CAT management in preparing various reports to the APS and to our funding agencies.
  • They may be submitted for inclusion in the annual APS User Activity Reports. See the recent article in the APS CAT Communicator for additional information about the APS User Activity Reports.

In preparing your abstracts for submission to MHATT-CAT, please follow the guidelines for the User Activity Report provided by the APS. Email reports to the Sector 7 Director and Sector Manager. Abstracts may be emailed in either WordPerfect, Word, pdf, or postscript format.

If you do not wish your report to be included in the APS User Activity Report, please include an explanation of your reasons in your email. Otherwise, Sector 7 staff will forward submitted Activity Reports on to the APS for inclusion in the Annual APS User Activity Reports. Please note that APS requires a Publication Release for each abstract submitted to the APS User Activity Report. MHATT-CAT will submit this on behalf of the submitters.

NOTE! The deadline for submitting abstracts to the third Annual APS User Activity Report is April 22, 2002.

Previously submitted MHATT-CAT User Activity Reports can be viewed under the research->publications->abstracts navigation menu item.

Last updated by Eric Dufresne on 08/05/2002.
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