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Sector 7: Public Reports

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APS Public Reports written by APS staff members.

Presentations or Reports written by Sector 7 staff on beamline
or instrument or beamline operation issues.

    H. Gibson, APS Technical Working Group meeting, February 16, 2012.
  2. 2011 OAG-based source properties and beam sizes on beamline 7ID
    E.M. Dufresne, Sector 7 Report 2011-1, December 5, 2011.
  3. Coherent Diffraction Imaging of time-resolved strain induced by a high-repetition rate fs-laser.
    E. M. Dufresne, APS Technical Working Group meeting, March 17, 2011.
    ANL report 69687
  4. Several Design Options for the APS SPX Bend Magnet Beamlines
    Bingxin Yang, David Keavney, and Eric Dufresne, (December 1, 2010)
    DIAG-TN-2010-013, ICMS # APS_1416982 (APS access only).
  5. Time Resolved Radiography at the 7-BM Beamline
    Alan Kastengren, ANL ES Division. APS Technical Working Group meeting, November 18, 2010.
  6. Development of a short-pulse laser enhancement cavity for intense-laser/x-ray pump-probe experiments at 6.5 MHz
    Anne-Marie March, XSD AMO group, APS Technical Working Group meeting, October 21, 2010.
  7. Beryllium compound refractive lenses with Continuously Variable Focal Length
    Matthieu Chollet, XSD TRR, APS Technical Working Group meeting, March 18, 2010.
  8. Working Towards Large Area, Picosecond-Level Photodetectors
    Matthew Wetstein (HEP), APS Technical Working Group meeting, January 21, 2010.
  9. Streak Camera Activities at S7
    B. W. Adams, presented at the TRR group meeting Sept. 19, 2006
  10. Initial time series observations of the new diamond 111 monochromatic beam in 7ID-C and D on June 18, 2006.
    E. Dufresne, Sector 7 Report 2006-1-v1.1, September 1, 2006.
  11. Observations of beam-tilt on the 7ID monochromatic beam.
    December 15, 2005 TWG Talk by E. Dufresne
  12. Monochromator cooling upgrades on 7ID
    Oct 20, 2005 TWG Talk by E. Dufresne
  13. Pump-probe experiments with ps x-rays
    February 17, 2005 TWG Talk by Eric Landahl.
  14. Flux measurements on 7ID before and after the replacement of the new commissioning window.
    Report written by Bernhard Adams and Eric Dufresne, on June 23, 2005.
  15. 324- and 1296-bunch modes: User expectations and experiences.
    Eric landahl, TWG meeting April 21, 2005.
  16. Single Shot measurements of x-ray pulses using an InGaAs photodiode
    Eric landahl, December 8, 2004.
  17. Cheap thrill for monochromatic beam position stabilization
    April 15, 2004 TWG Talk by E. Dufresne
  18. February 2004 presentation by Eric Dufresne at the S7 APS Sector review (Facility overview)
  19. February 2004 presentation by Eric Landahl at the S7 APS Sector review (Laser Facility Upgrades)
  20. An introduction to S7, talk given by Eric Dufresne to the Time Resolved Group, Sept. 30, 2003
  21. Proceedings of the June 4-5, 2002 Workshop on Ultrafast X-ray Science
    held by MHATT-CAT and APS. (very big 60 Mbyte)
  22. The 7ID Be and commissioning windows
  23. On the YAG:Ce response measured at 10 keV on 7ID(pdf).
  24. A UHV X-ray Beam Positioning System, Using a quadrant PIN Photodiode Array(pdf)
    J.A. Guzman
    Department of Physics, Univ. of Michigan
  25. Choice of X-ray Filters used in the alignment procedure of the MHATT-CAT Double Mirror Filter
    E.M. Dufresne, and Steven B. Dierker
    Department of Physics, Univ. of Michigan

Time-Resolved Research Group Sector Update presentations

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