Subject: Visitor Network Registration for Experimental Floor and LOMs on Tuesday May 16th
From: Dave Leibfritz 
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 15:03:14 -0500

Computers connecting to the wireless/visitor network on the Experimental Floor
and LOMs will now be required to register through a web page before connecting
to the network. This is similar to the network registration used at hotels and 
has already been implemented at other areas of the lab. This is in compliance
with the Argonne cyber security requirements to register visitor computers.
See this URL for additional details on this visitor network registration.

This will be installed on Tuesday starting at 9am. The wireless access points
will also assigned new ip addresses to support the visitor network registration.
This will require manually reconfiguring and rebooting all the wireless access
points on the Experimental Floor and LOMs. This will take most of the morning
to complete. During this process wireless connectivity may drop briefly. We
will begin in sector one and move around the ring sector by sector.

To request a permanent registration fill out a Support Request that includes
hostname, owner name, location, operating system, type of machine, manufacturer,
serial number, ANL property number and hardware address of the machine.
Machines that are permanently registered do not have to register to use the
wireless/visitor network.
Here is the link for the support request.