New ESAF proceedure May 21, 2003

Fellow MHATT-CAT Users, 

 	please note that the new ESAF experimental review process is now
 in full force. The new web site was unveiled on May 21, 2003. Following the
 DOE review of late 2001, the APS was mandated by DOE to approve all ESAF
 running on its beamline.  Because the old ESAF forms could not include the 
 changes needed, a new program had to be written and new policies were added.

 The bottom line is that the APS must now receive all its ESAF at least one week
 prior to the start date of the scheduled experiment. For hazardous experiments,
 this form must be filled several weeks before the start of the experiment.
 Without an approval from Bruce Glagola's team and our Safety committee, an
 experiment cannot be run on 7ID. This will be enforced by the APS and the 
 beamline management. 

 Given that the new system was started up at the last minute, some grace will be
 in effect for the first users. I would encourage you all though to fill the
 form for your experiment at least a few weeks prior to your scheduled time. 
 I will send reminders during the course of the run to PIs.  The beamline review
 commitee will approve them in a timely fashion upon reviewing the

 Please note that the front end of the page looks more like the GU page now.
 If you are a General User with an active GU proposal, you can enter it and 
 the system will fill much of the information required. Please add all 
 experimenters including beamline staff which might work on your experiment.
 Please add all samples to be used. If you add an hazardous proceedure after the
 ESAF was approved, the ESAF will have to be reviewed again. Addition of 
 non-hazardous samples will not require another APS review, but please include
 all samples in your ESAF. Note that an on-site spokeperson must be identified
 so that APS or MHATT-CAT can contact this person and make him sign the forms,
 etc... An experiment description was added, and if you need to use our lab to
 do some preparation, please fill the Lab Use Requisition Form. 

 The form is available here:
 At the top of this web site the form is available, while at the bottom of it,
 detailed instructions as well as full policies for the new system are available
 to download.  It is your responsibility to  fill this form in due time. Failure
 to fill this form in time may result in beam time lost.


 Eric Dufresne
 MHATT-CAT ESH Coordinator.

Last updated by Eric Dufresne on 5/23/2003.