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Message ID: 523     Entry time: Sat Jun 17 23:07:39 2006
Author: Eric Dufresne 
Type: Other 
Category: Commissioning 
Subject: Flux with 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm L5-20 slits opening 
Hi all,

as Don and Dohn said, the flux looks good with the new mono.
With 4kV on IC in 7ID-C, vacuum flight path in 7ID-B,
~0.5 mm x 0.5 mm L5-20 opening, here is a flux table:

Mono energy (keV) ID Energy (keV) flux (10^12 ph/s)
10.0 10.12 5.48
11.0 11.12 4.48
12.0 12.12 3.32
13.0 13.12 1.65

Note the ID energy is about 0.12 keV above the mono on n=1.
This might actually be a sign of magnet damage and not misalignment.
We'll see Tuesday. The alignment is also awesome. Just dial the energy and the
second crystal doesn't seem to need any tweaking in the range displayed

I was at 13 keV all day so we are now at 10 keV. I started a short time series
a while ago. Att. 1-3 show the usual signals. The 7ID-C ion chamber is now in.
Note the obvious correlations between the horizontal and vertical beam motion.
It is not the first time I've noticed this. Is it due to something common like
water temperature drift? We will need feedback.


P.S. I did a look at the calibration of the L5-20 opening. In the vertical
it was reasonable. In the horizontal, the opening when the slits are closed
looks like -.077 mm.
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