MAR345 Milar Window Tear Incident in 7ID-D

December 16, 2004.

    While working in 7ID-D, we unfortunately damaged the Detector Pool MAR345
    Milar window. While working on the mount of the MAR 345 in 7ID-D, the whole
    detector tipped on the Huber but its fall while slowed down as someone was 
    nearby. The Milar window was torn. After calling MAR, they suggested that we
    bring the detector in a dark room and test it again. The detector still 
    is working fine in a dark room. Fruthermore not obvious damage is observable
    on the front cover so it does look like the detector is fine. Fortunately,
    MAR had a spare window, thus Eric Landahl and David Fritz drove to Evanston
    to get a spare window. Two major lesson to learn here:

    -The Detector Pool needs to keep several spare Milar windows for its MAR 
    detectors (all series). 

    -The mounting system for the MAR345 is not very user friendly, so making 
    at least a wide metal plate to support the detector from below would make it
    easier for us to mount the detector. This plate should be bigger than the 
    footprint of the detector and it can then be held by 4 feet.

  1. Front view of the MAR345 without its Milar window.

  2. Side view of the MAR345 without its Milar window.

  3. Another side view of the MAR345 without its Milar window.

  4.     Dohn Arms with the repaired MAR345 and its broken Milar window. The broken
        window was not as torn as it is shown here after the accident. The tear 
        opened up further while replacing the new one.  Note that we managed to get
        the only spare window they had in the US.  They are in Evanston IL so Eric
        Landahl and David Fritz drove to the MAR US Corporate Center in the middle
        of afternoon traffic and brought back the only spare available in the USA...