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Sector 7 Useful Operational Data for Run 1 of FY05

written by Sector 7 staff.
Sector 7
Started Dec 17, 2004

Table of Content:


The work shown below is an account of useful operational data taken during
run 1 of FY05 on 7ID. This page will contain useful stability information on the
7ID High Heat Load Monochromator and also on the various repairs and problems 
identified during the run.

Summary of the September 2004 shutdown activities.

Thursday Dec. 16, 2004: MAR 345 Milar window repair

See a full account of the incident here.

Tuesday Dec. 21, 2004: Several useful movies of the main beam.

See Main beam data in 7ID-D taken with the CCD imager on 12-21. I wrote also an ELOG, #176.. The latter page tries feedback on and off.

Useful ELOGs from the fall 2004 run

Lessons learned during run 2 of FY04

By removing the cryocooler low pressure fill modification, we have found that 
the Cryocooler fill pressure disturbance are less severe, and more rapid to 
return. The beam position variations are also less severe.

To do list:

-Check the EPS programing for the new vacuum configuration. When MF2 is 
turned off, I've noted that GV4 does not close. This does not pose any equipment
protection issues but it is not consistent with the MF1 pump response.
-We should upgrade our EPS system and pass the responsibility to John
Cawardine's group. This was done at S8 successfully.
-Fix the HHL Mono y2 jack. It is out of commission.

-complete remote shutter interface
-Reduce the speed of the pressure response of the Huber chamber gauge.
-Prevent the turbo from venting when the pump is turned off or a power failure
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