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Message ID: 64     Entry time: Mon Jun 14 16:41:41 2004     Reply to this: 65
Author: Eric Dufresne 
Type: Routine 
Category: BPM 
Subject: time series from 06/13 and 06/14 in top-up hybrid mode 
Here is data during Linda Young's experiment started at 2h31 am 
on 6/13/04 and lasting about 37hrs.

Attachment 1 shows the intensities. Experiments are ungoing so access 
to 7ID-C sends the BPM values to large negative values.

Attachment 2 shows the 7ID-C X-ray BPM data

Attachment 3 shows the APS XBPM data projected to the L5-20 plane

Attachment 4 shows the cryocooler information.

Attachment 5 shows the piezo voltage, showing when a few tweaks happened.

Attachment 1: 061304_02h31m00s_int.png  8 kB
Attachment 2: 061304_02h31m00s_bpm.png  7 kB
Attachment 3: 061304_02h31m00s_apsbpm.png  8 kB
Attachment 4: 061304_02h31m00s_mono.png  7 kB
Attachment 5: 061304_02h31m00s_piezo.png  7 kB
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